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a bad sinkero inside the trans

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Q: You have a 91 nission sentra 20 when you put it in 5th gear sometime it will kick itself out of gear What can cause this problem with the car just got a new clutch and both cv shafts?
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How do you adjust 95 saturn sl2 clutch it goes to the floor?

The clutch is not adjustable, it's hydraulic and as such adjusts itself. The problem you are describing is the result of a failed clutch system, typically a leaky hydraulic component.

Does the 1997 Saturn SL1 have a sensor on the clutch?

Not on the clutch itself but on the clutch pedal there is one for starting.

Can you stop a semi truck in high range with the clutch pressed?

Not with the clutch by itself.

What would cause the clutch to stick on a 1992 Totota 4x4?

problem in the clutch linkage or throwout bearing, check for binding in the exterior linkage before getting into the bearing, it may be worn or just binding on the shaft, could also be clutch itself as springs may be weak from time

How do you adjust clutch brake on eaton fuller?

You don't adjust the clutch brake itself - that gets replaced. If you're trying to adjust the clutch itself, see the related question "how do you adjust a clutch on a Class 7 or 8 truck"... I've spelled it out there already

How do you adjust a hydraulic clutch on a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon?

A hydraulic clutch requires no adjustment, as it constantly adjusts itself.....if you are having problems getting into gear then check your fluid level and bleed the system, if the clutch is biting too high then its probably because the clutch is worn. If after checking the levels and bleeding you still have problems, then it could be a release bearing problem ..

Nissan 240 clutch problems?

If it ain't the clutch itself then its prob. your slave or master cylinder.

Where goes the clutch master cylinder?

Usually on the firewall, driver's side, opposite the clutch itself.

How do you remove fan clutch of a 1985 buick regal?

Remove the fan itself then remove the clutch from the fan

On a 1997 Mercury Mystique 2L engine 5 speed can the clutch be adjusted if it is slipping?

You can adjust the clutch pedal free play but not the clutch itself.

How do you change the clutch master cylinder in a 1994 ford probe gt?

im sure this is on the clutch pedal itself.

What is wrong when the gears start slipping when you push down to far on the gas pedal?

Depends on the type of transmission you have. If it's an automatic, check the transmission fluid with the vehicle running to make sure it isn't low. If it's not and the transmission slips you've probably got an internal problem inside the transmission. If it's a manual transmission it could be the hydraulic fluid is low if you have a hydraulic clutch, or it could be the clutch itself. If you've got an older clutch that's not hydraulic, it could be out of adjustment, or the clutch itself is bad.

Your clutch feels like a the brake?

Have a look at: Clutch slave cylinder Clutch cable More than likely the clutch itself has broken spring(s)

If clutch on air compressor is disengaged and noise continues is the compressor bad?

If the clutch disengages properly then the compressor should not be running. Most likely the clutch itself is bad instead of the compressor.

How do you adjust clutch on 2003 GTI?

It's a hydraulic clutch so its self adjusting. If your having problems the clutch itself may be bad or your slave cylinder may be going bad.

How does a pig protect itself?

Yes it actally does but sometime it has someone to protect

How do you change clutch cable Peugeot partner?

the clutch cable on my peugeot partner van has detached itself from the pedal.How do i go about changing the cabel?

Clutch squeaking when engaged and disingaged on 1998 dodg Dakota can hear it in transmission what could be the problem?

The throw out bearing may not be releasing properly. The pilot shaft bearing may be bad. The clutch itself could have a broken spring, or the slave cylinder could not be allowing the clutch to disengage properly. There should be an access hole on the bell housing to look and see what's happening (with the engine not running.) If you don't see a problem then the transmission will need to be removed to find the cause.

What is wrong when you are unable to shift gears and the clutch feels heavy But when the car is off you can shift but then the car dies?

It sounds like something is defective in the clutch pedal linkage, or actually within the clutch itself.

Why doesn't my 2001 ford F150 not go into gear?

If it is a stick, it could most likely be the clutch master cylinder or the slave cyliner. Check around the master for any leaks. Also, check the transmission itself and the clutch pedal in the cab. If there is fluid on them, that is probably your problem. Another thing could be the clutch pressure plate. If it is an automatic, check the transmission fluid and consider a transmission service.

Can manifest mean reveal?

Yes. For example, the problem manifested itself means that the problem revealed itself.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1990 mustang gt?

It has a self adjusting clutch so all you need to do is get in the car lift the clutch pedal up as far as it will go (towards the dash) and then push it all the way to the ground and the clutch will adjust itself! Good Luck!

How do you find the value of a problem?

A problem, in itself, has no value.

How much labor to replace a clutch on a 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

The labor to replace a clutch on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire can range from $670 to $850, depending on where you go. This does not include the cost of the clutch itself, which is roughly $800.

Where do you find the clutch slave cylinder on a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?

the clutch slave cylinder on this car is located inside the transmission itself. The part has a rubber bushing that separates the the hydraulic lines and bleeder, from the section that is located in the transmission housing itself.