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When an engine turns over but won't start always check the basic 3 to start troubleshooting: Fuel, Ignition and Compression. Make certain that you have fuel to the injectors or carb. (I think a 92 Camry is injected) You can verify that fuel is present at the injectors by checking the pressure at the fuel pressure test port. Next, check the spark. Pull a spark plug wire and see if your car is making a spark when you crank it. Last, Check the compression. Mark all spark plug wires by cylinder number, pull all spark plugs and use the compression gague to test the pressure.

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Q: You have a 92 Camry with a four cylinder and The car turns over but acts like there is no gas What would cause this?
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What would cause water to be leaking into the plug cylinder on a 96 Camry 4-cylinder?

There is likely a crack in the engine block.

Would a 1999 Toyota Camry transmission fit a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Both cars should have same kind of engine: either 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder.

Can you replace a 4-cylinder Camry engine with a v6 and how much work would it take?

You can replace a four-cylinder Toyota Camry engine with a six-cylinder engine. You will need to purchase a motor mount adapter kit. There will be an extensive amount of work.

What would cause the power light to go off in an 89 Camry overdrive off light still works.?

the shift pattern select switch in the center console turns the light on or off. it should also sat "power" on it.

What would cause a battery to be drained on a 1992 Toyota Camry?

A short circuit.

What would cause coolant to get in 1 cylinder?

a leak in a head gasket could cause coolant to go into only one cylinder.

How much would a 98 Camry 4-cylinder used engine cost?

A good one starting from $1.3 K at least.

What would cause a car to lose large amounts of oil and coolant at the same time?

a head gasket could very easily cause that. The cooling and oil channells would leak into your cylinder and be either burned or leak out of the exhaust. Check for water in your oil....turns white, and oil in your coolant.

What would cause a Toyota Camry to only blow on high?

The blower motor resistor is defective.

What would be the cause for a broken radio and clock in a 1998 Camry?

Check the fuse box for bad fuses.

Where exactly would I located the Oil Pressuere Switch on a 1996 Toyota Camry LE 4 Cylinder?

You can find to right of the exhaust manifold sticking out to the engine.

What would cause a louder then normal noise when accelerating and idling in a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Could be your timing belt.

What would cause steering wheel shake on a 2001 Toyota Camry ce?

Tire out of balance or bent wheel.

What would cause the brakes to go out on a 91 jeep Cherokee with abs there are no leaks in the lines.?

Failed Master Cylinder would be my guess. Replace the Master Cylinder.

Can you use 5W20 oil instead of 5W30 in your 6 cylinder Camry?

If your car doesnt require it I would stick with the 5w30 rather than spending more on 5w20

Would clogged fuel injector cause cylinder 2 misfire?

It could.

What would cause number cylinder 3 to shatter on a BMW?

Throwing a rod with Over Revving and overheating or foreign object inside the cylinder

What would cause carbon build up in one cylinder?

That cylinder is burning oil, from a bad valve, or worn rings, most likely.

Can a bad catalytic converter cause a P0303 code if so why only one cylinder?

the answer is no . the converter would not affect just one cylinder .

Would a 1998 Toyota Camry motor fit in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Will a 1998 Toyota Camry motor fit in a 1999 Toyota Camry

What would a bad distributor cause my geo metro 96 4-cylinder to do?

depending on how 'bad' it is, it would cause your car not to start.... otherwise you would have an intermettinet miss and wouldn't always be the same cylinder. with a multimeter you can check the condition of the distributor.... If it is an intermittent no start condition.... I would look at the fuel pressure and the injector.

Why would a timing belt jump?

Why would a timing belt jump time and cause damage to the cylinder heads ?

What would cause the brake light to come on a 1986 Oldsmobile after replacing the master cylinder?

check that the emergency brake pedal is completely up.If ok disconnect the electric cable from the emergency brake pedal. i think is brown in color if light turns off the problem is there.

What would cause your 2004 Toyota Camry to shake when stopped at a light with the ac on?

I would check the air filter first. If the filter is clean you need to clean the throttle body.

What kind of transmission fluid would I use for a 1991 Toyota Camry 4-cylinder engine?

Look in the owners manual. Ask a dealer or a parts house employee. Look on the AT dip stick.