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You have a 93 Toyota celica when you turn the key it tries to start but wont turn over like theres no gas getting to it Even when you pump it u cant smell no gas any suggests or tricks to starting it?


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Injected vehicles do not spray extra fuel when you pump them so that won't help. With the assistance of a friend, one person should attempt to start the engine while the other sprays a little starter fluid into the intake. You might have to remove the cover from the air filter to do this. If the engine attempts to start while you are spraying starter fluid, but stops when you quit, you probably have a fuel delivery problem. It might be fuel pump, fuel filter, injector (if you have a single injector in the throttle body) or something else associated with the fuel system. Any time an engine won't start, always return to the basics: fuel, spark and compression. If it starts when you spray starter fluid but shuts down when you stop,it's a fuel delivery problem. If you check for a spark and there isn't one, you need to find out what's wrong with the ignition. If both of the above check out ok, check the compression. It doesn't matter if the vehicle is injected or carburated, the above ALWAYS holds true.


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