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Check for vacuum leaks and/or a bad PCV valve.

2006-10-05 03:40:17
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How do you siphon gas from a 1997 Chrysler town and country?

You can not. There is an anti siphon valve in the filler neck. You have to remove the filler neck from the tank and drain from there.You can not. There is an anti siphon valve in the filler neck. You have to remove the filler neck from the tank and drain from there.

How do you take petrol out of your tank?

Accelerate real hard and don't stop You can siphon the fuel out. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the filler neck hose from the tank in order to insert a siphon hose.

How do you remove the C5 front license filler?

2 small screws under the filler

How do you remove a Chevy blazer filler neck?

Remove all fasteners behind the filler neck door that attach the upper filler neck assembly to the car body. Remove ground strap if applicable. Loosen and slide clamps up from tank end of filler neck then wiggle the filler hose assembly off the tank and out. Take care not to allow dirt and crud to enter the tank. Removing the clamp on the tank end of the filler neck assembly will be a test of your dexterity skills but it can be done.

How do you get transmission filler line off of bottom pan on 1993 jeep Cherokee sport?

You don't. The filler line is welded to the pan itself. You must remove pan with filler all at once.

How to siphon gas out of dodge neon?

You can not. You have to remove the filler tube and drain from there.

Is there a drain plug on a Dana 60 rear differential or only the filler plug?

Only the filler plug. You have to remove the cover to drain the oil.

How and why do you remove paint before using body filler?

You must sand or grind off any paint or rust prior to using body filler because body filler will not adhere well to paint or any other contaminate.

How do you change the Fuel filler door on a 2003 Pontiac?

Remove the fuel cap on the 2003 Pontiac. Remove the plastic cover around the filler pipe by taking the two screws out. Under the plastic there are two nuts that hold the door and hinge assembly on. Remove them and the door will come off.

How do you remove the filler bolt on a 2004 Honda accord automatic transmission?

should not have a filler bolt should just fill straight thru the dipstick pipe on transmission

How do you remove and place back on an oil lamp top that has no threads?

The top seems to have a filler in it?????

Your pacific hydrostar pressure washer is blowing oil out of the filler tube for the pump what could cause this problem?

The filler tube has a hole in the side causing the oil to blow out. Remove the filler tube and replace with a threaded plug and the problem will be solved.

How do you repair fuel filler hose on 1997 Ford ranger?

you don't you replace the whole hose. i hear it is better to remove the bed, than to remove the gas tank. You can drop the tank, but that is too hard, better lift the bed and do it the easy way. As soon as you begin to lift the bed you have to remove the three screws holding the filler neck to the bed, open the filler door you will see the three screws. Lift the bed and replace the filler neck. also if any other hose is bad you can do those at the same time.

Where is the fuel pump on a dodge dynasty?

in the fuel tank just drop the tank down and it is located just on top.Answerin the fuel tank just drop the tank down and it is located just on top. AnswerIt is located in the fuel tank which is located in front of the trunk... You can see it by crawling under the car. You can see it in the rear of the tank. You must remove the tank to access it. The filler tube just pulls out. I had to remove the gas filler door, to remove the filler tube.. If you can get the car up high enough you should be able to remove the filler tube without removing the little door..

How do you remove gas from anti- siphon gas .dodge ram?

You remove the filler hose off of the side of the tank, and siphon out of there.

How do you pump petrol?

Open fuel filler door, remove gas cap, turn on pump, insert gasoline nozzle into fuel filler opening, squeeze handle and fill tank.

How can you remove or siphon gas out of a Mitsubishi Lancer?

you can't there is a check ball that is located in the filler neck you must remove a line and try to siphon that way

How do you remove the engine cover on a 2007 Chevy Cobalt 2.2L engine?

Remove oil filler tube cap....then Wiggle and pull straight up.

Where is the gear oil filler for Mazda 121?

You must remove the speedo drive gear to fill the gearbox.

How do you get dents out of a quarterpanel?

you either use body filler to fill in the dent, or you can remove the panel and just buff it out

How do you put oil in a 1987 Chevy Caprice classic?

Remove oil-filler cap and add oil...

How do you drain 99 f350 tank?

Remove the filler neck hose from the tank and insert a syphon hose.

Can you get to the fuel pump from under the seat of a 1993 tempo?

NO! You must take down the gas tank. It isn't that hard. remove the screws from the filler at the filler door and 2 straps. Be sure to empty it first!

What tool is required to remove the Fuel Filler neck from a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

Large pair of channel locks

How do you check the oil level on a Renault laguna?

Remove the oil filler cap and there should be a dipstick attached to the cap