You have a 97 Ford Aspire that shut off on you while driving you changed spark plugs checked battery but nothing seems to work It sounds like it wants to start but doesn't At times you can get it to s?

Have you checked your fuel pump?If not i would say that is your problem.If it is it will cost you a pretty penny to get a new one.It is located in the fuel tank.Try to reset the fuel pump with the switch in the trunk. Hope you figure it uot buddy. Also try your distributor. They have a intergrated pick up coil built into it, ie; the pick up coil can not be replaced in the distributor. It's a "throw away". The distributor has to be replaced and is a costly item. I would try a salvage yard first and try a used one. Same thing happened to my 97 and that did the trick and saved me big bucks