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What size engine? Are you losing coolant(this may be internal or external)? Is your oil level rising? This is critical to anwer these questions. The 3.1 (if you have it)motor can be tricky. 2 common problems are intake manifold gasket and the water pump. When the water pump leaks on these, it can be difficult to verify. Look for dried coolant spray on the hood or on the passenger side of the radiator in relation to the water pump. Also look for a rusted flat surfaced pulley of the water pump, or try to check for moisture on the inside the pulley-easier said than done.

You may havt bleed off the air that is in the cooling system. Their is a bledder just above the #2 spark plug ( it is a very small bolt that turns ccwise) I t is connected to a solid blck tube that runs horizontily above the front valve cover and connects to the block. Good Luck

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Why does your 1997 Chrysler LHS keep overheating?

i have replace the thermostat, checked the fans,filled with water and it is still overheating. Very often, the waterpump leaks and stops working only years after it was last replaced. Coolant is probably not flowing from the engine to the radiator to be cooled.

Why would a tropper get hot if the radator is full?

If you have an old ISUZU Trooper, the radiator thermostat may be not working. Therefore, it will not let cool water from the radiator into the hot engine, even if the radiator is full. Have the thermostat checked and replaced, if necessary. Good Luck

We Have a 88 Honda accord lx that keeps overheating have changed thermostats and checked timing belt replaced radiator and checked cooling fans still overheats?

If you replaced some of theses already ignore and go down the line # Not enough coolant # Water pump drivebelt defective or out of adjustment # Radiator core blocked or grille restricted # Thermostat faulty # Electric cooling fans blades broken or cracked # Radiator cap not maintaining proper pressure # Ignition timing incorrect

What are the causes of overheating in 2002 Nissan xtrail?

Get your radiator checked, may have blocked core

Why after I replaced the thermostat on my 1993 Toyota truck 4 cylinder does it still overheat and get hot?

first of all, do you have the right thermostat? ie: winter, summer. if so i would get the radiator checked, it may be getting pluged.

How do you know why your car is overheating and next what to do about it?

2 things I can think of which need to be checked: your coolant and your thermostat.

What would cause a 94 Chrysler LHS to run hot it's not the thermostat?

This question is not complete. . Need to know if you've replaced radiator, thermostat, hoses etc. Are you asking this question *after* yo checked the thermostat, changed, added or drained the system?

Why does your 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee overheat in park you replaced the relay and checked the wiring?

We don't know what relay you are referring to. Check your thermostat and radiator fan. Fluch out your cooling system.

How do you install a water pump on 1990 325I BMW?

you need to remove the fan the thermostat and the thermostat housing, and the water pump pully and belt. Also you will need to remove the radiator hoses, these should be checked for any holes and replaced if needed.

Pontiac GTP Temperature gauge overheating but it's not?

it could be your thermostat on the radiator. if it is then you could be causing some severe damage to the engine and radiator. i recommend that you take it in to be checked out. a simple problem like that can lead to something far more damaging and expensive in the long run if let go.

Why would the coolant not circlulate even after you have replaced the water pump and the thermostat twice bled the system and checked for blockage?

Thermostat possibly installed upside down. Also a possible clogged radiator. we have had the same problems. replaced water pump thermo 3 times flushed sys twice repaired radiator,replaced hoses even left thermo out and still overheating help me too PLEASE!!!!! If you replaced the head gasket, it may not be installed in properly. I.E. coolant passages blocked by gasket. Could be air locked. I had this problem with a 1995 Grand Am. Get yourself a repair manual and follow the entire procedure to bleed all air in the cooling system. Some vehicles have a bleeder valve between the water pump and thermostat housing.

1994 Chevrolet cavalier changed heater core and thermostat what next no heat?

im having the same problem with my 1994 I've replaced the heater core,thermostat,radiator,i checked the coolant, and it's not over heating or nothing and still no heat lol

1998 Cavalier overheating replaced water pump radiator fan motor head gasket temperature switch and still motor get gets too hot what else should I check?

You didn't say anything about changing the thermostat....and when you changed the head gasket did you have the head checked for cracks....But first, be sure that the fan comes on and maybe back-flush the radiator. AND when you fill it with coolant be sure to get all the air out.

Why is your 1973 Mercedes 450sl overheating?

Why is YOUR MB overheating? There are plenty of reasons why, so you should check to see if there is/are: 1. enough water/coolant in the system. 2. leaks....hoses, radiator, seals at the thermostat and water pump. 3. working thermostat 4. working temp sending unit. 5. fluid on the interior foot areas 6. good heater core 7. head gasket leakage Now, is this overheating constant? Is the overheating only when you're at an idle? You would need to check the fan clutch...these go bad all the time and cause overheating. You would need to check the electric fan. Have you checked the radiator for leaks or clogs? If you have the original factory radiator still in the car, chances are it's clogged up

1991 jeep Cherokee Inline 6 with thermostat on front was overheating so I checked and replaced valve cover seal still overheats after running for more than 10 min?

changing the valve cover gasket will not fix an over heating problem u need to check out the cooling system. Radiator, water pump, hoses, belts

Why is your car indicating that the engine is overheating?

If the engine is overheating, it is most likely one of three things: 1. It could be that the coolant pump is not working 2. There may be a leak or obstruction somewhere in the radiator, heater core, engine coolant channels, or one of the various tubes connecting them 3. after a while, the thermostat that controls the flow of coolant to the engine may give out and need to be replaced. This is the least costly repair to make and should be checked fore first.

I had the thermostat radiator cap and radiator replaced on a 2001 Mitsubishi galant and it still overheats sitting at idle and while driving Any ideas on what the problem is?

have the engine timing checked. if the timing is wrong the engine will overheat, are you loosing coolant?is the fan working, is the water pump working?

What causes Coolant to suddenly come out the overflow after the car is shut off?

The car is overheating. Possibly the thermostat is stuck closed. Have it checked by a mechanic.

Why would thermostat on 1994 dodge Dakota leak after being replaced?

Was the gasket replaced? Have you checked the hose and the heater core. Is everything tightened down?

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