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You have a LeBaron GTC and it does not like to shift you changed filter and fluid and it shifts now but not good?

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June 19, 2007 2:06AM

I wish I could help, but I have change fluid and filter 3 times now and it still is giving me shifting problems. Sorry Make sure you used the right fluid... ATF+3, #7176 specially formulated for the Chrysler A604 (41TE) 4 spd automatic. I just returned from the transmission shop who repaired leaks in my tranny. They put in the wrong fluid and the car searched to shift and "bump shifted" into 1st when stopping. I made them put the correct fluid in... and within an hour, the problem was gone. the A604 also has a electronic shift solenoid which has been a bit of problem on these transmissions, which will cause it to shutter between shifts and down shift very hard, if it gets to severe the computer will only let the trans. stay in first gear, until the computer can have the code reset or flashed by the service shop. but this will repeat itself if the shift solenoid is faulty.