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I wish I could help, but I have change fluid and filter 3 times now and it still is giving me shifting problems. Sorry Make sure you used the right fluid... ATF+3, #7176 specially formulated for the Chrysler A604 (41TE) 4 spd automatic. I just returned from the transmission shop who repaired leaks in my tranny. They put in the wrong fluid and the car searched to shift and "bump shifted" into 1st when stopping. I made them put the correct fluid in... and within an hour, the problem was gone. the A604 also has a electronic shift solenoid which has been a bit of problem on these transmissions, which will cause it to shutter between shifts and down shift very hard, if it gets to severe the computer will only let the trans. stay in first gear, until the computer can have the code reset or flashed by the service shop. but this will repeat itself if the shift solenoid is faulty.

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Q: You have a LeBaron GTC and it does not like to shift you changed filter and fluid and it shifts now but not good?
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Your 98 gmc 4x4 shifts fine when cold only gets 3rd gear when hot any ideas?

Have the fluid and filter changed

Should the transmission filter be changed with the fluid on a 93 Chevrolet baretta if the fluid is brownish?

Filter and fluid should be changed A.S.A.P. Y-THINK-Y

What does it mean if your Jeep liberty transmission shifts only at high engine speeds?

You need to service the transmission. Have the fluid/filter changed. If that does not help, seek professional help.

How do you change the transmission filter on a 9 Honda Accord?

It has a permanent filter that is changed when you have the fluid changed.

Why does 97 olds achieva shifts hard after warm up and shifts fine cold what is the problem?

Perhaps transmission fluid is "breaking down" at high temp. Try changing fluid and filter

The transmission shifts slow in 89 Pontiac Bonneville?

You could try changing the transmission filter and the fluid.

Does a 2005 corolla have transmission fluid filter?

Yes, I just had a clogged filter for my 05 corolla changed along with the filter.

1994 s series Saturn transmission shifts hard has been changed twice?

Change your fluid and filter. A new valve body/input shaft nut may be needed. see for more information

Can the automatic transmission fluid filter be changed in a 1995 Suzuki sidekick?


Why does your 88 Chevy Celebrity seem to have problem when accelerating it sounds like its stuck when it shifts from first to second and than it works fine any suggestions or ideas?

I would suggest you have the transmission fluid & filter changed ASAP. See if that helps.

Is it necessary to change the filter everytime the fluid is changed?

The manual on my Ranger PU states that the filter must be changed every time the transmission fluid is changed. I always change my oil filter when changing oil, because if you don't, you leave 1 quart of dirty oil in the system. Filters are fairly inexpensive, so I would recommend putting in a new one with every fluid change.

What is wrong with your 2004 f150 when it shifts hard into drive?

When was the last time you changed your transmission fluid? As the fluid gets older, transmissions start to shift harder, and you notice the shifts from gear to gear a lot more. It could also mean that your transmission needs repair.

What if transmission fluid smells burnt?

That is a symptom of a transmission that has overheated. There may or may not be damage. I would advise you to have the fluid/filter changed immediately as the fluid is not contaminated.

Why would your 1995 Metro with an automatic transmission not have reverse sometimes Some days it works some days it doesn't Also when there is no reverse it shifts hard in the forward gears?

Have you ever changed the fluid and filter in the transmission? If not, that's the first thing you should try.

Why would a transmission be shifting hard?

Have transmission fluid and filter changed. Checked Transmission mounts

Can the solenoid in a tranny on a 98 Windstar be changed when you drop the pan and change fluid and filter?


How do you check the transmission fluid on a 2002 Daewoo Nubira?

Apparrently there is no transmission dip stick, so my best advice is have the filter and fluid changed(taking the filter access pan doesn't change all the fluid) every two or three yrs or have the fluid change done which puts all new fluid in but doesn't change the filter

If the transmission in a 1994 Toyota Camry skips 2nd gear and shifts from 1st to 3rd gear has the driver done anything to cause it?

No, check the fluid level and have the transmission serviced. (filter and fluid replaced)

What does it mean when your transmission fluid smells burnt?

It means that your transmission has been hot and the fluid has overheated. If the transmission is still functioning properly then have the fluid and filter changed ASAP.

What type of transmission fluid does a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron take?

Always use ATF3 or ATF4. Any other type of fluid in a Lebaron transmission will shorten the lifespan of the transmission.

What could be wrong if the automatic transmission on a 1998 Nissan Altima is not shifting?

Have you checked the fluid level? Have you changed the filter and fluid as normal maintenance?

What causes a rough shift from first to second in 95 Taurus 3.8?

have you ever had the transmission filter changed and fluid changed?? Great place to start looking. If you have already checked the fluid level!

Can the transmission fail if you changed the fluid that has never been change before?

It is unlikely that the transmission would fail after a fluid change. The transmission filter should be changed at the same time. If it was not changed at the same time it could have caused the issue.

Why does your transmission jerk in your 2004 dodge neon sxt?

its because your transmission fluid and filter need to be changed. I would do motor oil and filter. and air filter too! coolant. power steeriing fluid. do it all. its not that fast, but if you do, there will be a tremendous difference

What does it mean if the transmission fluid looks dark and smells burnt?

It means the fluid needs to be changed. The burnt smell means the transmission has overheated at least once. Change your fluid and filter and hope for the best. Transmission fluid needs to be changed every 50,000 miles.