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you put a longer hose will also have to make sure that everything else is long enough,like the wire system,gearstik,and stuff

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Q: You have a Lift kit on your 94 Toyota 4Runner however the gas line does not reach the gas tank what can you do to fix this problem or get the parts at?
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Where to find Toyota 4Runner parts diagrams?

You can find a parts diagram, for your Toyota automobile, at most Toyota dealerships. You can also find the parts diagram at most auto-parts stores.

Toyota 4runner air conditioning light blinking?

The problem with your air conditioning light blinking in the 4runner is a bad relay. Toyota has updated the relay to part #90987-02028. Call your local Toyota dealership for this relay. You can buy it at the parts counter. It is about $65. It takes 1 minute to replace. This same procedure is for the Camry and other Toyota models with the same blinking AC light, but the relay part number might differ.

Where can I find a transmission diagram for a 1998 Toyota 4Runner with the 3.4 engine?

You can find the 1998 Toyota transmission diagram at your local Toyota dealership. Most auto-parts stores will have the transmission diagram.

What type of ac coolant is used in a 93 Toyota 4runner?

Your 1993 Toyota AC: is fuel by Freon. Freon and a recharge kit can be obtained from most auto-parts stores.

A picture for a 88 Toyota 4Runner 3.0 timing belt diagram?

This is quest for a Manual. Local liberary/auto parts store

What is the largest tire size available on a stock 1986 Toyota 4runner?

Some special editions of the 1st generation Toyota 4Runner came stock with 31x10.5-15 sized tires. If you contact the parts department at your local Toyota Dealership you can get the speedometer gear for this tire size, as long as you keep the stock gear. I have heard of people cramming 33 inch diameter tires with no modifications to the vehicle however I would not recommend this due to rubbing issues.

Why is my 1993 Toyota 4runner rear window clunking?

it could need a greasing, but to be safe you should check it to see if any of the parts inside are broken.

Why wont your hubs lock in on a 95' Toyota 4Runner?

There could possibly be broken parts or they simply need to be cleaned. These are basically the 2 ways you can diagnose the problem. If they are not broken then there could be some grit that is binding up causing them not to turn all the way.

Does the 2000 Toyota 4Runner have a cabin air filter?

WalMart now sells Fram cabin air filters. Check the Fram application catalog in the filter section to see if the 2000 4runner is listed. Parts houses can also tell you.

Where is the light reminder relay 85 Toyota 4runner?

i just found my 95 4runner SR5 light reminder relay in front of my shift levers and behind the panel below my radio. i went to Toyota parts department and request to look at the EWD (electrical wiring diagram) to get a general location for my vehicle. PHIL

Trying to find a Diagram for the instrument gauges cluster for an 1982 Toyota pickup?

Try the Haynes Repair Manual for Toyota Pickups and 4Runner '79 thru '95. This is available at most auto parts stores such as Autozone or O'Rielly's.

2003 Toyota 4runner Can you change the dash temperature settings from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees celsius?

the only thing I can think of is if you found parts on e-bay or somewhere that are from a Toyota sold in Canada where they use metric guages and their speedometers are metric alsoo

How can you check to see if a starter for 1998 Toyota 4Runner 4WD needs to be replaced?

Remove it and bring to an auto parts store that is equipped to test it for continuity, amperage draw, drag, etc.

Where in Melbourne can you buy a cheap transmission for a Toyota 4Runner?

There are a few great salvage yards where you can buy a used transmission for a Toyota for cheap, but you'll need to call to find out if they have any for a 4runner in stock. Try the Salvage Bazaar at 300 Collins Street, Melbourne, (03) 9010 6270 or Imlach's Auto Parts, nearby at 536 Clayton Road, Clayton, 1300 465 224.

How do you change the spark plug wires on 2000 Toyota 4runner v6?

I'd use Toyota plug wires to replace the old ones. I used generic wires from auto parts store and within 10,000 miles had to take 4runner in for engine running rough. The cause was ...... faulty plug wires. Replace one wire at a time and put new plug wire where the old one came from.

What causes shifter to pop out of gear on 1990 Toyota 4runner?

If you have a manual transmission, it may need a new plastic bushing at the bottom of the shifter. My 1991 Toyota pickup kept slipping out of gear due to a deteriorated plastic bushing. I picked up a new bushing at the local Toyota parts department for around $11.

Where can you get a 1994 Toyota 4Runner Manual?

If you want a repair manual most parts stores carry chiltons or haynes, your local library will also have these. If it is an owners or service manual you can go to a dealer or visit the website to the right.

Does any one know if a 1996 Toyota 4Runner engine will fit in a 1996 with out having to change other parts?

Check your dates and restate the question. Is it a different year 4 runner or a different 1996 model.

Where do you find parts for soft top 98 Toyota rav4?

Your local auto parts store can order parts for a soft top 98 Toyota Rav4. You can also order parts from the Toyota dealership.

What parts can i use from a 99 toyota solora and put on my 99 toyota camry?

Radiator is one of the parts of a 99 toyota solora that can be put on your 99 toyota camry.

How do you know if your stater is bad on a 1993 Toyota 4runner?

If you hear the starter spinning but not turnover it over. Or if the starter just clicks when you try to turn it over. If anything you can just take it out and have your local auto parts store test it.

Where can you find Toyota Celica body parts?

at Toyota

Where can one buy Toyota Corolla parts online?

Parts for Toyota Corollas can be found online at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, and O'Reilly Auto Parts. Other sources include Toyota's website, as well as Amazon.

How do you troubleshoot door lock problem on an 2007 tundra?

You can find a 2007 Toyota door lock troubleshooting guide at most Toyota dealerships. Many auto-parts stores will have the troubleshooting guide.

Where can one purchase Toyota MR2 car parts?

Toyota MR2 car parts are available where parts for small cars are sold. They may be purchased online or directly from a Toyota dealership in your community.

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