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The Filled by Herb and Ruby bottle will sell for between $15 and $30 on Ebay. Some named bottles go for $100-$300. Then even more rare bottles will go for over $1000. A mountain dew party jug recently sold for about $3,000. So, it's really what you got. A good book to get "Mountain Dew: Hillbilly Bottles" by Dick Bridgforth. It has prices for every named bottle.

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Is Mountain Dew put in cans as well as bottles?

Yes, you can buy Mountain Dew in cans or bottles.

Amber colored buton brandy bottles worth anything no labels on bottles?

The answer is in front of you

Where can you buy Mountain Dew in glass bottles online?

Is drinking Mountain Dew from the aluminum bottles safe?


What do you need to make a turtle out of water bottles?

U need water bottles tape and milk or mountain dew jugs

How many green label art bottles are there?

Actually their are 31 aluminum Mountain Dew Bottles all together and 21 of them are the green label art bottles. They have the Collection which introduced 9 bottles then they had volume 1 which had 6 more bottles then they made volume 2 which had 6 bottles but also a secret chase bottle called the Course Maker by the artist Pushead that was only released at a conference in Los Angeles. then they have the non green label art bottles which are 4 4th of July bottles then 4 NASCAR bottles and then a Halo edition bottle which had game fuel in it when all of the other ones had regular mt dew in it. hope this helps!!! There are really 38 Bottles in the Mountain Dew Collection. The other 7 bottles are: Up and Downs Beware Mountain The Revolution will be Mechanized Scarecrow Genie Ocean of Mountain Dew Wake Up Chase Bottle: Circle of Ei8ht

How old is the Mountain Dew bottle with the picture of the man with the cork shooting through his hat?

Hillbilly Mountain Dew bottles range in years from 1951 through 1969. Many have names on them like FILLED BY ZEKE and DAISY DEW. In fact there are over 900 different names combined with to following prefixes: Bottled By, by, Capped By, Filled By, For, Jugged By, Loved By, Made By, no prefix, Put Up By, Remplissa Ge Par, Sold By and The. Much more information ca be found at the Mountain Dew Bottle Club including the values of these bottles. Bottle values range from $5.00 up to $4000.00.

Mountain dew used to have what on its bottles?

a cartoon hillbillie named willie

Does sterilising bottles have anything to do with foodbourne illnesses?

Yes, but only in the case of hydroplexidated sterilising bottles. -Sam

Can you bottle homemade beer in wine bottles?

yes. you can use wine bottles,pop bottles,anything that seals and is clean and sanitized. visit wikihow for more info

Who bottles Mountain Dew?

Pepsico- the Pepsi Cola Company- Purchase, NY- look at a can .

What is the largest size of Mountain Dew sold?

2 liter bottles are the largest size of Mountain Dew sold. Mountain Dew is an extremely popular drink, especially with men.

Does ice mountain water have chlorine?

We just had two bottles of Ice Mountain spring water that had a very evident taste of chlorine. Have not had that before.

How many 64oz bottles would equal 12grams?

In order to calculate an answer to the question . . . -- We need to know whether or not the bottles are empty. then -- If the bottles are empty, then we need to know the mass of each empty bottle. -- If the bottles have anything in them, then we need to know what it is.

Do sherpas guides always use oxygen bottles in climbing high mountain peaks?

No they dont. Some Sherpa's have reached the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen bottles.

What is the values of 1970S Avon Cologne bottles consisting of a Model T Lassie and a jeep?

The value of a Model T, Lassie, and Jeep Avon cologne bottles from the 1970's depends on their condition. In excellent condition these bottles are valued between 8.00 and 10.00 a piece.

Where to buy Mountain Dew green label art bottles in Minnesota?

i love moutian dew it is awsome

What do blues bottles the fly eat?

dung, fruit anything that rots and no thay don't

What can you make with plastic water bottles?

you can make anything that comes to mind. Use that imagination!

What can you put in a red recycling box?

plastic bottles and anything plastic (only to recycle)

How much is an autographed trailblazers basketball worth?

Collectables- Coca Cola six pack bottles in carrier,Trail Blazers, bottles never opened,worth anything?

Where can you buy Mountain Dew green label art bottles in MA?

Phoenix NY, nice n easy

Is anything added to milk?

yes Water is added to milk when it is packied in bottles to make it thinner.

Where can you buy Mountain Dew in 20oz bottles?

any general store should have them. most likely walmart or 7-elevin

What was first substance to be sold in bottles?

By definition the answer must be nothing because the first person to sell bottles must have been a bottlemaker, and he would have sold the bottles to others, amongst whom must have been the first person to bottle anything for commercial sale.