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I believe most co. would consider this pp but there are some shady companies who may argue the subject I think that if it were fought legally you would win since it isn't a permanetely affixed componant.

AnswerIf it is not bolted to the vehicle or other wise perminantly attached it is considered yours. AnswerIf a spare tire is held inside the bed of a truck by a piece of rope, it is not installed. If there are any nuts, bolts or screws holding the speaker box in, it is considered installed. If it is just in there by the wires, then no, it's not. Besides, call your bank and ask to get the speaker box out. As long as it does not render the installed stereo useless, they shouldn't have a problem with it. Make sure that if they do allow you to, you get the permission in writing and have them send a copy of the permission to the repo company as well.
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Q: You have a speaker box in a truck it is connected by wires but is not physically attached to truck if turned over it would fall out can you call that pp and get it back?
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