You have a young lime tree it's about 5' tall when it gets little limes on it they grow for a while then drop off why does this happen?

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2007-10-07 02:17:45

Possibly the cause is underwatering as this can cause fruit to

drop prematurely.

It could be your plant is known as "potted plant sleep". Some

plants bought at nursuries are in pots for all of their lives. I

bought a dogwood tree and it didnt grow for three years, maybe 6

inches. I asked a friend and he told me it was asleep. I said HUH?

He told me to go out at night and shake the crap out of the tree

for a minute. This wakes up the tree and will make it grow. I did

it. At night of course. It grew 3 feet the next year, and 4 feet

more the next year.

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