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if u havn't changed the fuel filter that might be a place to start Have you tried checking the lambada probe?

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What does it mean when i have terrible migraines that hurt my eyes make me light sensitive and makes me so nauseous i almost throw up?

When you are having terrible migraines that hurt your eyes, make your light sensitive and make you so nauseous that you almost throw up, you might be having a flu, cluster headache, or meningitis.

What does the saying want to be there for you mean?

When a friend says 'I want to be there for you' it means that if you are having problems; need encouragement or a shoulder to cry on they will be without hesitation or, sometimes that person that said it may be in love with the person they are saying it to.

How did Ivan the Terrible die?

Ivan the Terrible died by having a stroke while playing chess

Are they having problems on Facebook with FarmVille?

they are not having problems on facebook with farmville.

What did actor James kenney die from?

He committed suicide but I don't know by what method. I gather his later life was verysad, having alcohol & drug problems. A terrible waste of a talented life,

Why are some people having depression?

Some people are having family problems or having friendship problems.

Is Kia malone having marriage problems?

no, kia is not having marital problems.

How do you say 'having problems' in Spanish?

I'm having problems is '' Yo estoy teniendo problemas'' having problems is: '' teniendo problemas''

Is problems a verb?

No, it is a noun. Its a thing. If somebody is "having problems" , having is the verb, and problems is abstract thing working with it

You are having problems with your brakes on your 84 Chevy Celebrity?

Tell us what problems you are having.

What is a sentence with loathe in it?

I loathe the thought of having a class with that terrible teacher.

Is AOL having server problems today?

Is aol having problems again? 4/11/2013

What happen if you take nitroquick and you are not having chest pain?

You'll get a terrible headache.

Why are the colonies having problems after having won the war?

after the colonist won th war what problems did the new country have

Did Henry VIII have power problems?

Henry did have problems, he had problems on marriage and having a son.

What are the effects of having magic mushrooms?

EDIT: You die a terrible death your eyes pop out.

I have many problems with myself and i am only just 15 i think it might prevent me from doing a lot of things HELP?

What types of problems are you having? What types of problems are you having?

Is it safe to smoke marijuana and take antidepressants?

No, I take Prozac and I smoked marijuana a few days ago and had a horrible trip. It made me feel like I was having a seizure, and my anxiety was terrible. It makes you suicidal and want to die, I almost killed myself but one of my friends saved me. It makes you have terrible delusions. It was one of the worst experiences ever.

Is it true not having a boyfriend will lead to emotional problems?

Not necessarily. Anything can lead to emotional problems in a person's life. Sometimes having a boyfriend will lead to having emotional problems.Many people go through their entire lives single and do not suffer emotional problems.

Whats wrong with the computer eMachines?

*I have found problems with them myself. I also found out they were made by Gateway. That is when I stopped having anything to do with them. *A friend of mine has an eMachine computer and hasn't had any problems with it. She also uses it almost constantly when she is at home (which is a lot).

Is Facebook having connection problems?


What problems are they having with food?


I am having problems?

It depends on who you are and why you think that.

Im having relationship problems?

If you are having relationship problems, talk to your partner so you can come up with a plan to fix your issues.

If I am having problems with my HP 2000 laptop can I still download Google Chrome?

That would depend on the types of problems you are having. Some problems will make it impossible to do what you want, other problems won't interfere at all.