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A certain amout of temperature rise is common in hard driving conditions, so long as the engine does not overheat you shouldn't worry about it.

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Q: You have an Audi a4 tdi 1998 the temp rises from 90 when towing and driving hard water pump thermostat viscus fan and radiator have all been renewed has any on got any idea?
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My 2000 dodge durango is over heating what could be the problem?

Here are a few possibilities:engine cooling fan not working.low radiator fluid.plugged radiator fins (not enough airflow through radiator).blocked or collapsed coolant hose.faulty engine thermostat.blown head or intake gasket.vehicle cargo or towing capacity is exceeded.

Why car need engine oil radiator?

for towing and heavy-duty use.

Is it better to drive with the od on or off?

City driving or towing, off. Highway driving, on.

Why does your 88 k2500 w5.7L overheat while towing?

check your thermostat. it could be sticking.

What is the Towing capacity of a Subaru Outback?

See "Trailer Towing" in chapter 8 "Driving Tips" of your "OWNER'S MANUAL".....

Why do engines overheat?

Several possible causes: low coolant, bad coolant mix ratio, bad water pump, internally clogged radiator, dirty radiator caked with mud in the cooling fins, bad thermostat, prolonged high rpm travel under a load on a hot day (towing a heavy trailer for example).

What if your following distance when driving a motor home or towing a trailer?


Towing copacity of 2006 Chevrolet Impala super sport?

See Towing a Trailer on page 4-36 of your "Owner's Manual", under Section 4: Driving your Vehicle - Towing, for details.....

Blank your following distance when driving a motor home or towing a trailor?


Why would you fit a stabiliser before towing a caravan?

it will help with stability when driving in crosswinds.

Will a bad thermostat effect the operation of the radiator fan on an SL1?

some of the saturns have a thermostat that also controls the fan, so if the thermostat is bad the fan will be inoperable...others have a separate sensor..if the thermostate is the fan controler it will have a wire coming off of it, otherwise look for a sensor that goes into the water jacket or block of the engine, it will also effect your water temp gauge.Answersome of the saturns have a thermostat that also controls the fan, so if the thermostat is bad the fan will be inoperable...others have a separate sensor..if the thermostate is the fan controler it will have a wire coming off of it, otherwise look for a sensor that goes into the water jacket or block of the engine, it will also effect your water temp gauge. AnswerYes. The Thermostat controls the flow of coolant through the radiator. The fan controlls the flow of air across the radiator. They both work together to assure the engine is allowed to reach normal temperature and not get too hot. A working thermostat restricts flow through the radiator until the coolant in the engine reaches 195 F. It then opens just enough to let the proportion of coolant being cooled in the radiator control the engine temp to 195. The radiator fan is temperature controlled, it comes on when when hot and cycles off when it cools down. Normally it is off at highway speed because plenty of air is flowing anyway. When parked or in city traffic it cycles on and off, coming on more when the vehicle is standing still or moving very slow. The most common failure mode for a thermostat is to fail open. In that condition the engine will take a long time to warm up. (The first thing most drivers notice is it takes a long time to get heat in the passenger compartment.) With the thermostat stuck full open the fan will seldom run. It just won't get warm enough to turn on, unless you are towing or climbing mountains on a hot day, or come to a sudden stop after driving on the highway. When parked or operating in city traffic it will not come on as often as it would if the thermostat was working.

When do you use D2 when driving automatic car?

Towing up a long grade is one possibility.

What are the penalties for driving with a suspended license?

There are different levels of suspension in Oregon. Violation, misdemeanor, felony. Violation is a citation $472 and possible towing of your vehicle. Mis and felony are jail time and towing of vehicle.

How do you tell if truck has tow package?

Check the back for a hitch or receiver and for the light connector assembly then lift the hood and see if there is a second smaller radiator behind the first( this is to keeep the transmission cool when towing ). It's easy to burn out your transmission while towing

Does the Ford Edge have an external oil cooler?

Yes it has an external oil cooler & oversized radiator & bigger battery only when u get the towing package otherwise No!

What is the overdrive dash switch on a 96 dodge b3500 ram van used for Is there a specific benefit to driving with it off or on Can the transmission be damaged by not using it?

The main use is for turning the OD off when towing.The main use is for turning the OD off when towing.

What are some towing companies in Houston?

Some towing companies in Houston are Delta Towing Houston, United Roadside and Towing Service, Axpo Towing and Roadside Service and Victor's Towing Service.

What type of license do you need to get a truck driving job?

to get a truck driving jobs you will need a commercial driver license or CDL. as if you are looking for a tow trucking job you will also need a towing license.

Can you sue a towing company for towing a new car?

Yes.. Towing company for towing a new car.

Automatic wont engage gears after driving it in the paddock. while i was driving i shifted in into park and reved it an my mate slamed it into drive help please?

Call a towing company, a mechanic, and a new friend.

How do you change the thermostat on 99 GMC suburban 1999 GMC suburban?

The Suburban 2500 is a large, full-sized SUV capable of towing large payloads. With this ability comes a dependency on an efficient cooling system. The weakest point of the cooling system is the mechanical thermostat located inside of the intake manifold. When the engine is under stress, it forces the thermostat to work in a manner that is stressful for the spring inside the thermostat. When the spring in the thermostat fails the Suburban overheats and then the thermostat must be replaced. Things You'll Need (Tap on items you have) Pliers Wrench Thermostat Thermostat gasket Flat-bladed screwdriver Steps (Tap on step to mark as complete) Step 1 of 8 The engine must be cool. Loosen the radiator cap to relieve any pressure in the cooling system. Trace the upper radiator hose from the radiator to where the hose connects to the engine. The metal part that the hose connects to is the thermostat intake housing. Step 2 of 8 Remove the hose from the thermostat intake housing by loosening the retaining band that secures the hose. To do this, pinch the two clips that protrude from the band together with pliers. This loosens the pressure on the hose. With the clips pinched together, pull the hose off the housing. If the hose has a screw-type hose clamp, simply unscrew the knuckle until the clamp is loose enough to slide it down the hose and out of the way. With the hose loose, lift the loose end into the air to drain any fluid in the hose into the radiator. Step 3 of 8 Remove the two bolts that hold the thermostat onto the intake manifold with a wrench. Turn the bolts counterclockwise to remove them. Lift the thermostat intake housing off the intake manifold. You may have to pry it loose with the screwdriver. Step 4 of 8 Remove the thermostat by lifting it out of the intake manifold and replace it with the new thermostat. Place the end with the spring on it into the intake manifold. This ensures proper orientation. Step 5 of 8 Lift the old thermostat gasket off the machined surface of the intake manifold and put the new one in place. If the gasket doesn't come off in one piece, scrape both mating surfaces with a scraper or flat-bladed screwdriver until both surfaces are clean. Step 6 of 8 Place the thermostat intake housing back on to the intake manifold and bolt it down using the existing bolts. Step 7 of 8 Pinch the tabs of the radiator hose band and slide the hose back onto the thermostat intake housing. Release the tabs to secure the hose into place. Step 8 of 8 Top the radiator off with coolant. After running the engine to operating temperature and letting it cool again, check the coolant level again--more may be needed to replace the air that has worked its way out of the system.

Anybody ever hear of a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee having 2 radiators 1 smaller then the main one What is it for And how does it get hooked up What hoses do you use was told the xtra is for towing?

Two radiators is not exactly correct. I asked the same question of my mechanic when my Radiator blew. When you look at the front of the jeep you can see a smaller radiator looking thing in front of the Radiator. this is the heater core. Yes we're all used to the heater core being on the passenger side so when it goes it leaks into the vehicle and you know what it is. But Jeep did things somewhat different. So, no there isn't an auxilary radiator for towing, that's just the heater core.

What is the original temperature thermostat setting for a 1995 Chevy S10 with 4.3 4wheel drive with Z Vin Code?

Been there, done that, found out optionsI just replace the Thermostat in my 1995 S-10 Blazer with the same specs. When I went to get a new thermostat, I was told that Factory was 195 Degree F. But the GM Dealership said that non-standard thermostats that have been used are 165 Degrees and 185 Degrees. I had to replace mine because it was stuck open, which simply put means not heat in the winter and overheat in the summer. I replaced mine with a 195 Degree Thermostat, and it puts out a nice amount of heat now, and is running cooler when it is hot outside. The GM dealer said to try to have a cooler thermostat when you are in higher temperatures and/or when you are towing. My 195 Thermostat opens at about 170, but it appears that it only opens a little at that point, under load it will actually make it up to 195, then the temperature will drop. Please note, if you are towing or have a load that your transmission cooler is in the radiator on the drivers side, and if your transmission is heating up, your engine temp will not be reading correctly, it is possible for it to be up to 10 degrees higher from the heat from the transmission. So choose temperatures wisely. 195 is a standard thermostat. 4.3 Engine runs abt. 200 degrees

What is the tow capacity of a 2005 Subaru Outback?

See "Trailing Towing" on page 31 of chapter 8 "Driving Tips" in your "OWNER'S MANUAL".....

What do you do to stop the engine over heating on your range rover when towing?

have your radiator cleaned and replace your thermostate, clogged radiators and sticky thermostats can cause your engine to overheat under load.