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I do not know which eMac you have... If you have the first, second or third revion then the maximum RAM that you can fit is 1 Gigabyte. However you need SDRAM in the first and second, but DDR SDRAM in the third. If you have the last model (ie: the 1.42Ghz version) then you can upgrade to 2 Gigabytes, through the two expansion slots. The memory modules do not have to be installed in pairs, so you can have 512Mb in one slot and 256Mb in the second to give a total of 768MB, or 512Mb and 1Gb to give a total of 1.5Gb and so on... BUT you have to make sure that the memory module is correct to the eMac. For the 1.42Ghz is: "PC-2700: DDR-SDRAM memory module specified to operate at 166 MHz using DDR-333 chips".

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Q: You have an Emac that can handle a Max RAM memory of 2x512 or 1x1024 What is the result if you used 512 in one slot and 1 gig in the other or for that matter 1gig in each of the two slots?
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