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Not an easy one to answer. Depending on how confortable you are with taking a PC apart you may want to bring it to a computer shop for a diagnostic. If you want to try to do it yourself heres how:1] always unplug before touching any internals2] visually inspect the PC for damage such as; loose wires and cables. Smell it for electrical burnt components especially the power supply. Any chance PC was opened recently by anyone or if there are kids in the house make sure the motherboard is not grounding out on a stray screw or extra standoff or yes even a penny.3]Take notes on anything you remove so that you can put it back properly.4] Strip the PC down to its basic components. Motherboard, CPU, 1 stick memory and video card and power supply. Remove all other items such as network cards, modems, ribbon and power cables to the drives.5] did it boot up? if yes slowly reconnect one device and try it again until it fails and you have found the bad device. If no go to next step6] test the power supply with a tester(they are not always accurate) or use a known good high watt power supply.7] if it still did not boot up you have narrowed it down to the basics and it is a matter of using a good PC to test those parts.


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Most modern ones have a test button & or a light that flashes when batt is low.

Happens after a while, maybe you haven't switched it off in a while? Anyway hold down the home button and the lock button even if it is not working tht should still work, if not go to gamestop

Just press the red button on your garage lifter, and when the light flashes press and hold the button in your your car until the light flashes again or the garage door moves.

Push the Reset button located under the dash and hold it until it flashes and stops. Release button when the flashing stops and then press again until it flashes. When it stops flashing, release button.

Hold the clock button in until the display flashes the time. Then use the channel changer button to set the time. FYI: The minutes are adjusted by pushing the right side of the button, then the hour is changed by pushing on the left side. After you get to the correct time, push the clock button again.

you hold down the home button and lock button until the screen flashes and you hear a camera shutter

It's simple! All you need to do is press the prnt scrn button, and paste the resulting picture in MS paint. To confirm it's working, make sure the cursor flashes briefly.

beause I spilled ream from my offee into it - why is the b button not working on yours?

Hold the temp button down until the degree sign flashes then push the temp. button again to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Look for the xbox button (if you have xbox) and press and hold until the light flashes, the button should be near the whamy bar

Push the purple button on the back. The push an hold the remote button until the light on the unit flashes. Only works with remotes with black buttons

you go to alm1 or 2 and keep the reset button pushed in till number flashes then use st stp button to set and to change digits press mode button

this means that the cable to the tv is ether not plugged to the Xbox or it is faulty

Turn the radio off. Hold the volume button in until the time flashes. Keep the volume button held in and adjusts the time with the tuning knob.

hold down the bottom side button until it flashes then press the top button until you get the right time

Then some sewer workers have to get the button out of the storm drain.

if it says power button locked hold "<" button and power button till the message goes.(at least a min)

You press and hold the selected channel button until the light flashes

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my ford freestas 05 started doing that when my break light lever sensor wasnt working. check it to see what happens.

Assume you're using a three-button mouse.To access shortcut menus, you would

You hold sat button on the remote until it flashes, then press the number you want on the keypad followed by the # sign and record button. Where do I find the "then press the number" from?

Hold the silver button in until the light flashes blue and red. Then enter the passcode 0000 on your device. I think you have to hold it for about 8 seconds and don't let go when it first flashes blue!

the button u pressed comes up on the screen

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