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You have an electric prepaid token meter Someone came round to read the meter and you don't understand why if you pay before you use the electric Will you be billed and if so why?

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November 09, 2009 9:31PM

"STS token meters" using "sneakernet" via cards or 20 digit numeric tokens typically can't communicate back to the utility, so they still have to read them and check then for tampering.

It's less than the normal monthly readings, so the utility can save some money.

Really good prepaid smart electric meters like the Echelon (http://www.echelon.com), Elster (http://www.elster.com) or Itron (http://www.itron.com) ones communicate back to the utility company so they get usage information, and are very tamper resistant. Good prepaid electricity payment systems like UtiliFlex (http://www.utiliflex.com) gateway that information into utility company CIS systems, keeping them from having to read a meter, unless they suspect tampering from abbarent usage patterns or tamper alerts.