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As you can see, justice prevailed. You are free and clear of any charges of wrongdoing. You enjoy all of your constitutional rights, just as if you had never been accused. You are now free to move on with your life and be the hardworking citizen you always knew you have been. As for any legal claim against the government--I do not believe you have one. Unless you can prove that the government prosecuted you in a malicious manor, and no reasonable person could agree that the government's evidence would be sufficient for criminal prosecution, you have no case. You are certainly welcome to discuss the matter with a personal injury lawyer in your area, but I do not see a valid legal claim here.

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Falsely Accused of Fraud?

some one made a check put my name on it cashed it they did not use my id jus my name and iwas arrested it was later thrown out

What companies have been accused of accounting fraud?

Companies that have been accused of accounting fraud include General Electric and Hospital Chain. Both companies were very suspicious, which is the reason why they've been accused of accounting fraud.

What crimes is Lemony Snicket accused for?

He was accused for murder, fraud, and blackmail.

What is the punishment for tampering with a legal document?

The answer depends on the particular incident and whether the action is prosecuted. "Tampering" with a legal document may involve forgery, fraud, theft or some other criminal act.

Can a person be accused for fraud even the financial support is voluntarily given?

A person can be accused of anything, regardless of the circumstances.

What happens if you report false credit card fraud?

You can be charged with falsely reporting a crime, and go to jail.

Three types of illegal business behavior against Mr Madoff?

The three types of illegal business behavior alleged against Mr. Madoff are fraud, theft, and deceptive practices. In fraud, Mr. Madoff is accused of securities fraud, investment advisor fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud. In the accusation of theft, he is accused of channeling money from new investors to old investors and all for stealing from an employee benefit plan. In deceptive practices, Mr. Madoff is accused of managing the money of several investors that were completely unaware that he was doing so.

Can I go to prison for benefit fraud?

Since you are falsely claiming money from the government, yes, you will be arrested. yerrrrrrrr big time

How can you use the word fraud in a sentence?

(Fraud is deliberate misrepresentation within a contract or service.)He was accused of fraud by his largest corporate customer.He had sold a phony painting to the museum and was later charged with fraud.He was not a real psychic, just a fraud trying to get rich by bilking gullible people.

What is the penalty for messing with others mail?

Mail tampering is a crime and is punishable by incarceration, fines, or a term of probation. Mail fraud however is federal crime.

Does Zimbabwe have voting rights?

Yes, but voting fraud is widespread.

What should a person do if accused of fraud?

Be able to present a good explanation for your actions, a good alibi, or a good defense.

Can a divorce decree be overturned in Ontario because of fraud?

A court would need to determine if there was indeed fraud. You should consult with an attorney who can review the details and explain your rights and options.A court would need to determine if there was indeed fraud. You should consult with an attorney who can review the details and explain your rights and options.A court would need to determine if there was indeed fraud. You should consult with an attorney who can review the details and explain your rights and options.A court would need to determine if there was indeed fraud. You should consult with an attorney who can review the details and explain your rights and options.

Statute of limitations for fraud in Indiana?

Fraud varies on whether it is charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. A felony runs for 5 years. A misdemeanor is set at 2 years. It is tolled if the accused leaves the state.

Who caused McCarthyism?

Senator Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin, who was convinced that there were communists everywhere and accused many people of being communists. In the end, he accused people of being communists who were innocent and was shown to a fraud.

Why did Deirdre go to jail on Coronation Street?

She was accused of theft or fraud. She was found guilty. She was actually innocent and was eventually released.

Can you sue a notary who notarizes your signature falsely?

Yes you can certainly bring a lawsuit. They have violated their duty as a notary. It is also possible that someone else committed fraud to convince them they were you.

Can someone claim fraud if an attorney states falsely that the other party in a divorce has no assets when the attorney knows that they do and it is on record with the court and he has been informed?

It would be considered an ethics violation.

Whose duty is it to report fraud?

Who's 'Duty' is it to Report Fraud? Internet investigators: including Police, Government, Civil rights, Ombudsmen, Justices of the Peace Personel.

How is attorney fraud committed?

Attorney fraud is committed when an attorney breaches his confidential rights as an attorney. This would include things such as lying or attempting to deceive in the court of law.

What is the penal provision for fraud under Indian penal code?

As far as I know there are two sections in IPC for fraud i.e 420 and 419 under which a imprisonment could last upto 7 years. This is for a normal fraud, if you talk about cyber fraud then most of the accused are awarded following sections:420467468471IT act 65 and 66I know only this

Why do courts require justifiable reliance in misrepresentation and fraud?

Because otherwise the accused can plausibly maintain that he intended it as a joke, and did not believe that his representations would be believed.

What were Sojourner Truth Challenges?

She had many. She was a slave, beaten, and was bought / sold several times. She joined a cult and that is when she changed her name. At one point she was accused of fraud and arrested. She sued to get her son free as a slave.

What is the name of the crime of tampering with a weighing scale to the seller's advantage?

It is a type of Fraud, but these offenses are usually enforced by employees of tsome state agency other than law enforcement (e.g.: Dept of State - Bureau of Weights & Measures - etc).

How can one put a fraud alert on their credit report?

You can learn about your rights under Fair Credit Reporting Act and Call transunion or Equifax. A fraud alert is free. It can be done via phone or email.