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You didn't mention where the lump was. However, ANY LUMP should be checked out by your doctor. See your doctor as soon as possible. It may have nothing to do with the lump and you could have just picked up a virus or it could be a medication you are on.

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Why do I have a headache am dizzy and feel tired?

you could have low blood pressure

What is a good sentence for dizzy?

The flu left me feeling dizzy. Feeling dizzy, I sat down.

Can kidney stones cause you to be dizzy and have a headache?


Why you keep on feeling dizzy?

This could be any one of a number of things. It could be an inner ear infection, or low blood pressure. Even some allergies can result in feeling dizzy. The only way to know what it is is to go see your doctor.

Why is it bad to play video games to much?

it can damage a little of your eye sight and it can ALSO make you dizzy, give you a headache, and sometimes it gives you a feeling to feel boring and lazy

What does dizzy mean?

Dizzy means feeling confused and like you're about to fall.

How can you stop feeling dizzy?

have a drink

If you are on the shot but are throwing up and feeling dizzy could you be pregnant?

Yes. It also means that you are having sex.

Does helium make you have a high feeling?

No. More like a dizzy feeling.

Earliest signs of pregnancy with headache and dizzy?

Yes these are one of the signs.

How can you identify if someone is having a stoke?

You will notice that they become very lathargic and they may even feel dizzy or have a headache, they also may faint or loose feeling in one or more of their body parts.

Is feeling dizzy a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes, dizziness can be a symptom of pregnancy but it can be caused by lots of other things. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

What happens if you are on the computer for too long?

It may give you a headache, and make you dizzy.

Which sensation is responsible for a dizzy feeling?

semicircular canals

Why are you feeling dizzy with headaches?

high blood pressure

What are signs of miscarriage in early pregnancy?

Cramping, bleeding, clots in the blood, loss of pregnancy symptoms, back pain, headache, and feeling dizzy or faint are all signs of miscarriage. If you have these signs go to the ER immediately.

I am feeling sick and dizzy and I am 38 weeks pregnant?

If by sick, you mean nauseated ... it'll get worse. But Dizzy is something to see your OB man about, could be dehydration, or together they might be flu. Don't ignore it.

Is it normal to have nausea with a headache?

Of course, your headache causes your brain to feel dizzy which slows down the blood passing by in your head. Another ways, yes...

Why do you get dizzy and nervous all of a sudden?

There could be many reasons for feeling dizzy. The basic physical response is from adrenalin, or epinephrine. This is the "fight or flight" hormone produced during stress. That can make you nervous and jittery, and maybe dizzy. Of course, you could also have some kind of sickness that makes you feel bad. If it continues, have a doctor check you out.

Ive been feeling sick and dizzy late at night and in the mornings and bloated does it mean im pregnant?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test

What does your ear have to do with you feeling dizzy?

The ears play a huge role in feeling dizzy. If a person has an ear infection, the inner ear can be affected, and the person will experience vertigo. This happens because the inner ear controls a person's equilibrium, or feeling of balance.

Why do you keep feeling dizzy tired sick and shaky?

Have you been eating proberly and drinking water every day?It's impossible to diagnose such symptoms online, you really need to see a doctor about it. The symptoms you describe could be caused by many different conditions.

What does it mean if i have a fast heartbeat and feel dizzy?

If you have a fast heart beat and feeling dizzy it is called syncope.Two of the signs of a cardiac problem.

Is feeling dizzy then getting sweaty then vomiting after a sign of pregnancy?


Mujhe chakkar AA rahe hai in English?

I am feeling dizzy