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Not normally, because the bigger fish would try to eat the litte ones. The Big Fish will think that they are food.

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What fish can be put in a tank together with goldfish?

other goldfish

Can you put goldfish with other fish?

Maybe. It depends on what kind of fish you put them in with.

What other fish can you put in with minnows?

goldfish mainly

Can you put goldfish with Parrot fish?

you should'nt put parrotfish with goldfish. Parrot fish are known to be be quite mean. It will eat or kill the goldfish if it is smaller than he is. So unless you have a really big goldfish, I suggest not putting it in with the parrotfish.

Will koi eat other fish in a outside pond?

No. koi are a peaceful fish but if you have a giant koi that is about 9-20 inches in length then put in a baby goldfish the big koi might mistake the goldfish for flake food or a pellet but its not very common for goldfish or koi to eat other fish!!!!

Should you put your fish in a bowl or tank?

it depends on how big it is if it is a goldfish or beta it can be in a bowl.If it is one of those big tiger fish or aqarium fish then put it in a big tank. A fish will grow to the size of the tank or bowl. For instance, say a goldfish is in a tank, it will not grow as big as the tank; however it will grow big enough to be able to swim in their environment. The fish will not overgrow the tank. I had a six inch goldfish in a thirty gallon tank.

What kinds of fish can you put with goldfish?

You can't put tropical fish with each other or they will eat eachother

What types of fish can you put in the same tank as my ordinary goldfish?

Other common goldfish would be best. Putting fancy goldfish in with common ones often leads to food competition and fin nipping. And as for other species of fish, its best to stick goldfish with other goldfish.

What other fish can you mix with your comet goldfish besides goldfish and koi?

Well you can't add tropical fish because they like warm water. You can add it with a Fantail goldfish they are very friendly fish by the way you can't add them with a betta fish (a goldfish) they'll kill it for sure you can mostly put it with other goldfish.

Can you put a guppy with a goldfish?

no, gold fish are often aggressive to other species of fish. I think

Can you put your guppies with your common goldfish in a goldfish pond or will the goldfish eat them because he is so big?

who cares? I think they will eat them because i once had two little guppies and the next morning they were gone. Answer- Yes, they will eat them. If they don't the guppies will die, because the stuff on the goldfish is like a poison for other fish. You should only put goldfish with goldfish.

How do you introduce a new goldfish to an old goldfish?

The best way to introduce a new goldfish to an old goldfish is to just put them in the same tank. These fish will only know each other if they are with each other.

What fish eats goldfish?

Any fish that eat other fish would eat a gold fish. Yet since a gold fish is a house pet err fish it would die at the shock of being put in other waters. A baby gold fish may be eaten by other domestic fish also. A good rule of thumb is that if a fish's mouth is big enough to eat another fish it would be unwise to put them together. Specifically relating to goldfish, though, remember that they are often used as feeders.

Can you put one betta fish with one goldfish?

Betta fish are best as a solitary fish and are not compatible with goldfish.

Can you put tropical fish in a goldfish tank?

No, you cannot put tropical fish with goldfish; goldfish belong with goldfish with the exception of weather (dojo) loaches, bristlenose pleco, or apple/mystery snail

What type of fish is mostly recommended for a pet other than goldfish?

probibly a baita just dont put it in with other fish

What breed of fish gets along with the fantail goldfish other than the fantail goldfish?

Any other type of goldfish will work. You could put them with Black Moors, Koi, Red Ryukin, and any other type of goldfish.

Can 2 separate goldfish be put together?

You need to provide 1 gallon of water per inch of fish. Goldfish get along fine with other goldfish.

Can you put goldfish in a tank with other kinds of fish?

Goldfish are best with goldfish with the exception of weather (dojo) loaches, bristlenose plecos, or apple/mystery snails

What fish can you put in a tank with a goldfish?

almost any other type of fish just make sure their bigger than the gold fishes mouth or the goldfish will eat it

Can you put tropical fish in tank with goldfish?

No goldfish would prefer to have a lower temperature than any type of tropical fish, however some goldfish can withstand higher temperature if they are slowly acclimated to it! But in the long run goldfish would be happy with other goldfish and tropical fish with tropical fish... there is a reason you don't see the goldfish with the tropical fish in a good aquatic store.

Can a black moor live with a goldfish?

A Black Moor is a type of Goldfish so it can be put with any other goldfish. i have three gold fish and a black moor in my tank

What fish can live with a goldfish?

Goldfish can only live with other goldfish. I know this is a rather sad, depressing thing, but I will remind you that there are lots of other goldfish that are pretty and there's a wide variety of them. You may notice that goldfish tanks are usually a bit bare, because only goldfish can live there. Tropical fish don't simply work out with goldfish, because of the temperature and really because they aren't supposed to live with each other in the wild anyway. Though it's not a fish, if you really want to put some other sea creatures in your tank, I suggest to put sea snails. It's really the only other sea creature you can put in with goldfish, in my opinion. But be careful, snails can be a bit dirty!

Can you put a dragon fish in with a goldfish?

Goldfish are best with goldfish with a few exceptions. Dragon fish are saltwater while goldfish are freshwater, thus their needs are vastly different

Can betta fish kill goldfish?

yes because once i got a betta fish and i put in a tank with a gold fish the first day the betta killed the goldfish so i boult a nother goldfish it did not kill the goldfish because i put them in sepret tanks so that's what you guys should do it because i did it try it people your goldfish will not dy. my goldfish was a fin-nipper that's why it killed it because the goldfish ripped a fin off of the betta so do not put betta fish with goldfish because you never no if the goldfish is a betta.

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