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If you look at the front axle from the front of the vehicle, you will see the actuator sitting on top of the axle on the drivers side. The actuator is roughly 4 inches in length and about 2-3 inches tall. On the left side of the actuator you will see an electronic plug (if assembled), and on the right side you will see a round piece with 2 vaccuum lines inserted (if assembled). For the longest time I had a hard time discovering what vaccuum line went where. I eventually discovered by process of elimination that the vaccuum lines come off the transmission and go inside the engine compartement and connect down just below the radiator. If you start the truck you can feel vaccuum coming from the lines (if haning loose). Better solution: I took my actuator off of the top of the axle, and placed a polyurathane bushing to "lock" it into 4x4. Step 1: Make sure vehicle is off.

Step 2: Undo the four bolts at the top of the actuator. (this will free it)

Step 3: Inspect the inside, and wipe out any dirt, excess grease, or residue with a rag.

Step 4: Slide the fork piece in the actuator all the way to the passenger side. (this is the side that engages the 4x4.

Step 5: Inside you will notice a shaft that the fork slides on. There will be roughly 1/2 of an inch or one centimeter of open shaft. You will need a plastic bushing cut on one end to slide and lock over the shaft. The whole idea is to keep the fork from sliding back over.

Step 6: Once bushing is in place, put actuator back on (make sure fork is placed in round sleeve that it came out of.)

Step 7: Place 4 bolts back into holes. Do not tighten to quickly, and go just past hand tight. No sealant is needed.

Step 8: hook up your electonic line.

Note: no vaccuum lines are needed anymore. You will have 4x4 that never fails!

I did this, and have never had a problem. This solution was given to me by a custom 4x4 builder and 21 year mopar mechanic. Good luck to you adam


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