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I don't really know what kind of car do you have so I will just put it in genaral. I would check the distributor and the "ignition control modual".Sometime cleaning the air intake might help too ( just get the carburetor cleanner and spay it in while starting it..just to help it open and close better).

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:35:14
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Q: You have changed the fuel pump fuel filter checked all the fuses and relays changed the spark plugs and coil the car wont start what else do you need to check or what else could it be?
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Why does an 89 Olds Cutlass Ciera with a 2.5 L engine have no power to the fuel pump even after you changed the fuel pump checked the wire harness and checked the fuses and relays?

It is likely that you have a bad ground in the system... check all the ground wires

Have no power on highway?

Check your fuel filter. When was the last time you also checked your air filter.

Where can I get my car air filter checked?

There are so many options as to where you can get your air filter in your vehicle checked. You can go to any automotive repair store and they will be able to check it for you. You can also go to a car dealership and they can check it for you.

1996 Chrysler sebring have checked all fuses and relays and still no brake lights is there an in-line fuse you are missing?

Assuming you have checked the bulbs, check the brake light switch.

93 dodge shadow 2.5 bogs out i changed the fuel pump the fuel filter the thottlebody and map sensor timings right and relays are working?

Check the ignition module & pickup. You may find the problem there.

Changed wiper motor and switch wiper still don't work on my 97 f150?

Check fuses and relays

The radiator fans on a 1995 grand prix don't come on at all even with ac on changed the thermostat relays checked all wiring they're both in good working condition but still not coming on?

check the thermostatic switch(turns on and off fan) check engine temp sensor ect.

Why wont my 2000 ford ranger start I checked the gas filter and line both are fine Ive never changed the spark plugs but I thought it might be the distributor cap Any suggestions?

check out the starter......

What causes Toyota Highlander check engine light?

I have a 2003 Highlander. Whenever I get the oil changed, the check engine light comes on within a couple of days. I finally figured out that there is a hose under the air filter case that gets disconnected when the filter is checked. Just reattach the hose and the light will reset after a few restarts of the engine.

You changed the multi function switch on 2000 Neon and still don't have flasher or turn signals why?

check fuses and relays and flasher and go from there

What is the check relay for?

automotive relays

Why is my oil filter on my 1988 Chevy Beretta hiting the frame There used to be clearance between the oil filter and frame?

Check for a broken motor mount. Also make sure you are using the correct filter and have not changed brands.Check for a broken motor mount. Also make sure you are using the correct filter and have not changed brands.

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