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It would be wise to tread very carefully. You haven't been in touch for quite sometime, so it's not right to come back into his life while he has a girlfriend and think things will be like they were before. At this point in time he may just be happy to see you as a good friend and for now, that's it! If his girlfriend knows you were once friends or even lovers and is OK with this, then have some pride of your own and don't walk all over this girl. She's would be trusting both of you. If you are meant to be together then you will be and this situation doesn't need any probing from you. If you insist on trying to win him over it could well blow up in your face. Marcy

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Q: You have come in contact with a long-time friend and are now communicating with him but he now has a girlfriend. How can you tell if he's interested in you?
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