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You have connected your Xbox to the router you want to play your games on Xbox through computer?


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You need to bridge connection.


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I want to put my xbox360 in my room to play on xbox live. Right now it is in my living room because my t.v needs the router to be connected. So if i got another router and put it in my room can i connect it to my xbox.

If they are medium to high traffic games, you will probably see some additional lag.

Video games can be played through many different consoles, the main types being handheld, TV-connected, and PC. Handheld options include the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, among others. TV-connected consoles include the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the Wii. PC games are played through a desktop or laptop computer.

No, you can still use a computer when you're not connected to the internet (word, computer games, discs can all be used) but you can't look anything up and somethings might need the internet to log in or update.

There are many advantages of having computer games. These games are fun for children to learn things like math through.

You have to have: 1 home computer that you don't turn off much, a wireless router, and another computer to connect with. Plug in the router to the "server" computer and go to Network and Sharing center. Setup wireless network WITHOUT internet connection. Both computers have to be in the same Workgroup.

No, the PS3 is fully integrated with the internet, offering you the PSN, ( Play Station Network ) system. Having on your ps3 (with no help from your computer), online trophy collection, which you collect trophies from games, online contact list (Friends List), messaging system, Its own playstaion store and even its own web browser. Plus tons more. All you need is a line from your router or modem, or wireless connection to your ps3, register an account and you can use all its online features. No what you need to get online with the PS3 is Broadband internet service not dial up or cell phone internet service.. The PS3 must connect to the internet with either an ethernet cable or WiFi connection. Many people who have a PC also have an internet connection, but not even a PC can access the internet without being connected to a internet service. It is not the computer that the PS3 connects to, but the internet service that many PCs are also connected to. Mine is connected to a router that is connected to the internet cable and my PC is also connected to that router. I had to purchase the router to allow my cable internet to be split and provide internet for both the PC and PS3. Before I got the PS3 and purchased the router the ethernet cable went directly to the PC.

If the firewall in question is on your computer, you will need to modify it's ruleset to allow your computer to communicate with the network. If the firewall is in your router, you will need to "forward" the required port to your computer's IP address. You can find instructions for your router model at

Well, with PS2 games, you have to have a network cable connected to a computer with a cord or wirelessly, then go to multiplayer, and go to online.

A person can purchase Batman computer games from Amazon. Other places one can purchase Batman computer games is from GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or through eBay.

As long as you play through reputable sources you will be safe. I.e. Steam.

As the PlayStation 3 cannot generate a DHCP server, they cannot be connected directly together. However, both can be connected to a router and work as part of a LAN that way. Some games for the PlayStation 3 support LAN play.

Share Internet access by using a wireless network (WLAN) on your home computer. Attach the wireless router to the modem using the instructions provided by your specific Linksys router model. Temporarily connect the computer to an open network port. Open Internet Explorer and type in the URL provided by the Linksys manufacturer to complete setup. Once you have properly setup your computer to a wireless network, you can begin sharing games, files, printers, and much more.

You will need to have your computer hooked up to a wireless router, like linksys(They can be bought at Best Buy or something....). With any DS game, you can format your DS to hook up to the internet using the router. (I only have the Pokemon games, but I hope this helped.)

Yes you can, all you need is an internet router to share the connection, same as sharing connections with multiple computers at home You can use a wireless router or an Ethernet router. The PS3 connects both wirelessly and and through wire connection But according to your internet connection ( if it is fast or slow, or fast enough), you may get some internet lag with some games but not all games. games that need very strong or fast connection may cause some lag when you are using both computer and ps3, but it doesn't mean u cannot use them both. It either means that you need a better connection or you may be too far away to connect with some players for a certain game.

Yes. If you have a wireless router on your home computer and certain settings, you may go onto your Nintendo DSi and get on the Internet. Note: You may not be able to play some games because of the version of Internet you have.

Well it is definitely a safe website.Even I enjoyed playing games on it.So you can work on this site. Regards Stay connected!!

games that you play on the computer

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Just go through the website called games, in that select the wrestling game

If you mean without a ps3 console connected to your tv then no, but you can easily connect up one and play games through your console.

When you go to the iPod Touch, go to the App Store (after you're connected to Wi-Fi router) and choose categories. Then, go to the Utilities section. That section shows no games, just useful apps.

A group of computer games is a bit modern to have a well established collective noun all its own. Currently, general collective nouns are used, such as a box of computer games, a disc of computer games, a collection of computer games, a catalog of computer games, etc. However, don't let that stop you from being creative, for example a compulsion of computer games, a calliope of computer games, a chaos of computer games.

To safeguard a computer while playing games, Randall can make sure that the games downloaded have no viruses attached to them. This can be accomplished through the use of anti-virus software programs.

Yes, through MSN games they do. All Microsoft OS platforms offer free online games through MSN games. It should already be installed on your computer along with the operating system.

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