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must be a leak cant think of any other way check all joints and manifold incl lambda sensor failing that cracked cylinder head from exhaust valve but i wudda thought the running would be impaired

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โˆ™ 2007-04-01 23:26:33
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Q: You have exhaust fumes coming inside the car but you do not have an exhaust leak you have a 1995 BMW 525I?
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You have water coming out of your exhaust on a 1995 mercury cougar?

For some reason the gas is not completely combusting causing water to be expelled in the exhaust pipe.

What does it mean when radiator fumes are coming through the vents in a 1995 corvette?

Generally, with that smell- the heater core has gone bad.

Where is the catalytic converter on 1995 Lincoln Town Car?

There are 2 of them and they are located toward the front of the exhaust 1 on each pipe coming down from the exhaust manifolds.

Where is oxygen sensor on a 1995 ford F150 5.0 L?

Usually in the exhaust pipes coming off the manifolds

What is in an exhaust for a 1995 Isuzu trooper?

exhaust gas

Why there is terrible exhaust fumes inside when driving your Mercedes C 180 1995 at higher than 100KMh?

Your use of KMh instead of MPH, and that a C180 is not a US model makes me think your speaking of a Euro edition car. Even if it is very similar to the C190 here, the exhaust system is something that is normally a big change for US standards. I can't provide an absolute answer to your problem (although some type of exhaust leak is indicated), but want to make sure you realize that if your getting fumes in (especially at speed), this is a major danger and you should not operate the car. Toxic fumes are probably present and can exfixiate you or at least make you sick or knock you out...all bad things while your driving. This really should be remidied immeadiately.

What kinds of fumes can enter a car cabin 1995 Buick Century new exhaust installed - CO meter reads zero but driver complains of headache after 20 minutes or so driving?

is there any odor..??/ a small leak in the heater core will allow glycol fumes into the cabin.....this would smell sweet.

How can you determine if an exhaust smell is coming from just your muffler or from a clogged catalytic converter on a 1995 Chevy beretta The smell is only on the inside of the car even if its runnin?

if its a rotten egg smell its probably the cat if its loud volume look for a blown gasket or a hole in the pipes

How many exhaust ports do a 1995 Toyota Tacoma 3rz have?

4 exhaust ports

Why would there be white smoke coming out of a 1995 Crown Victoria exhaust?

Also losing coolant i believe. That would most likely be head gaskets. And hopefully only that.

Where is the exhaust manifold located on a 1995 Ford Aerostar?

The exhaust manifolds are located on both sides of your V6 engine

Where is the O2 sensor located on a 1995 Nissan Altima and how is it replaced?

The O2 sensor is in the front of the engine. If you look at the exhaust manifold by the heat shield you will see it. It screws into the exhaust and has a single wire coming out of it running back toward the drivers side of the engine. Easy to change

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