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How much? would define a good deal. However, a '91 with 64,000 miles is good. Mine has 198000 and still runs great mechanically.

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What are some really white songs?

A thousand miles and the perfect two

How many miles is 220 thousand kilometers?

220 thousand kilometers is 137 thousand miles.

What president quoted farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the cornfield?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

How many miles are in a thousand?

a thousand.

Who wrote the song A Thousand Miles?

Vanessa Carlton wrote "A Thousand Miles."

Is Fresno CA close to Thousand Oaks CA?

Not really, the distance is 228 miles according to Google Maps.

What were Herme's powers?

Hermes powers were the abiity to fart over a thousand miles. It is also really smelly. :P

What is the ISBN of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years?

The ISBN of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is 0785213066.

What are some songs that relate to the book Stargirl?

A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton What Love Really Means- JJ Heller

7 thousnd miles equals how many km?

7 thousand miles = 11.3 thousand km, approx.

How do you write 840 thousand square miles in standard form?

Eight hundred and forty thousand square miles

Where do you get a thousand miles by vanessa carlton on piano?

You can buy a Vanessa Carlton book. It has complete music for many of her songs, including A Thousand Miles. I'm not sure of the exact price, but I think it's around the £10 mark. It's a really good book :)

How far is it from thousand oaks ca to sonora ca?

it is about 6 hours and 3 minutes and about 359 miles long. I found this on mapquest

What is a thousand meters to miles?

1000 meters = 0.621 miles.

What is fifteen thousand 225 km in miles?

9460.38 miles

How many miles are in 1k miles?

1,000 (one thousand)

How many miles did Magellan travel?

42,000 thousand miles

How much is 22.3 thousand miles from earth?

It is 22,300 miles.

One thousand miles in standard from?

1*103 miles.

How many miles is 1.333 thousand feet?

About 0.252 miles.

What is 60 thousand miles in your body?

Total length of all of your blood vessels (actually near 62 thousand miles)

How many miles in two thousand feet?

There is 2 miles in two thousand feet. Take 5280 plus 5280 that equals 10560 and that is 2 miles.

Eighty hundred miles is equal to how many thousans of miles?

8 thousand miles.

Thousand miles an hour?


When was Thousand Miles - Destine song - created?

Thousand Miles - Destine song - was created on 2011-09-30.

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