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No matter what their sex is you should seperate them into their own individual cages by the time they reach 4 months. They can become agressive to eachother and harm each other so they must be seperated.


That is not neccessarily true (what was stated above). I have 25 does living together in a large chicken coop, minus the chickens, and they are not agressive towards each other (although some does are). Be sure that they are ALL does though. If they are living together now, they should do fine with age. Learn how to clearly sex them or find a breeder who knows how so there are no unwanted litters.

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Can you mate different breeds of rabbits?

Yes, you can. These will be cross-breeds.

What animal breeds quickly?


A list of rabbit breeds?

rabbit breeds means different kinds of rabbits

How many breeds of rabbits are there?

There are a little over fifty types of breeds. But there are only forty breeds of rabbits that have been named! There are 47 different breeds accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Assn. with several others in the development stage.

What are the three exotic breeds of rabbits?


How many registered breeds of rabbits are there?

There are currently 47 rabbit breeds recognized by the ARBA.

What are the best breeds of rabbits?

Definitely holland lops

At what age do rabbits have to be to mate?

two to three months trust me my dad breeds rabbits for a living

Are rabbits allowed to stay with other rabbit breeds?

Usually yes! But male rabbits often fight so you shouldn't put two males together. But all rabbit breeds are allowed to stay with other rabbit breeds.

What is a lop eared rabbit's last height?

The rabbit would grow about 13-16 pounds it just depends on the breed. There are so many breeds like Holland Lop rabbits, Mini Lop rabbits, English Lop rabbits French Lop rabbits, and American Fuzzy Lop rabbits. These breeds of lop eared rabbits are just in the US.

Pictures of different breeds of rabbits?

Check out the related links.

Does rabbits have good hearing?

Some do (Like certain breeds

How much can a rabbit weigh?

Small breeds such as dwarf rabbits are usually 2-4 pounds. Medium sized rabbits are 7-8 pounds. And large breeds such as Flemish giants and continental rabbits weigh about 14-22 pounds!

Are girl rabbits smaller then boy rabbits?

girl rabbits as tiny as an thumb tack and boy rabbits are the size of my mom With most rabbit breeds, the bucks are a little smaller than the does.

Is it best to get rabbits from a farmer?

No its not best to get rabbits from a farmer unless they raise purebred ones because some combonations of rabbit breeds will lead to vicious rabbits.

What country is the rabbit from?

The varied breeds of rabbits/hares have existed on several of the continents and regions. Wild rabbits/hares and domesticated rabbits have many similar traits.

Do all rabbits ears stand up?

No. There are breeds who have floppy ears.

What is a male jackrabbit called?

Regardless of their breeds, all male rabbits are called "Bucks" and all female rabbits are called "Does".

Do different breeds of bunnies fight?

Rabbits occasionally fight. It makes little difference on the breed except that large breeds will more likely injure smaller breeds.

What are the different breeds of a pekingese dog?

Pekingese is the breed name; there are no separate sub-breeds within it.

Are tortoiseshell rabbits almost exclusively female?

No. Tortoise shell rabbits are male and female. That variety is found in many breeds of rabbits. You are probably thinking of cats with that question.

How many babies can rabbits have at once?

The average litter size of dwarf breeds is 2 - 4 bunnies, and for the larger breeds is 6 - 12 bunnies." See the Related Links for "Raising Rabbits - The Basics" to the bottom for the answer.

How many breeds of pet rabbits are there?

Over 50. is a good source of information and pictures of rabbits. They have lists of all the different breeds as well as breed clubs. Excellent source for all things rabbit.

Can rabbits and guinea pigs mate?

No they cannot as they are completely different breeds. Rabbits and guinea pigs shouldn't even be living with eachother.

How many breeds are there of rabbits?

In the United States, the American Rabbit Breeders' Association currently recognizes 49 distinct breeds of domestic rabbit. Per Wikipedia, there are at least 305 recognized breeds of domestic rabbits around the world.