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As far as I know, no drug has been designed for this use, however, repeated attempts at milking the breast will stimulate it to start production of milk over time.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-19 20:43:59
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Q: You have heard that human female can produce milk before pregnancy is it possible if yes then please tell you how it can happenwhich drugs can help?
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Do women produce breast milk after or before pregnancy?

it can produce before or after.alot of wemon get it around the 3rd day after the baby is born.

Can you have a positive pregnancy test before implantation?

No, that's not possible.

How soon in a dogs pregnancy do they produce milk?

dogs produce their milk from 2-3 weeks before they have their pups

What will be eaten before pregnancy to produce more milk for the baby?

Drink milk

Is pregnancy possible if coitus done before menstruation?

Yes, certainly.

Is it possible to have a normal pregnancy symptoms before missing a period?


Does your body produce breast milk before you produce a positive pregnancy?

Yes the natural process takes effect immediately

Is it possible to show signs of pregnancy in less than a week before knowing?

Yes it's possible.

Can pregnancy be possible if you are about one week to ovulation?

there is a possibility of pregnancy anytime you have sex. you can get pregnant before during or after ovulation. ovulation just increases your chances. and yes it is possible to get pregnant on your period.

How can you tell if your pregnant early?

With a pregnancy test 2 weeks after sex. Before that it is not possible.

Is it possible to be pregnant and show signs of pregnancy but get a negative answer from a home pregnancy test taken about 6 days before a missed period?


Can a girl of twelve years produce milk before pregnancy?

no.if so go see a doctor

Is it possible for pregnant woman to not produce enough hcg for a home pregnancy test to work?

YES! It is very possible unless you are more than a few months along i suppose... I was about 3 months pregnant with my first before i got a positive...and about 2 months with my second.

Can pregnancy occur from intercourse before ovulation day?

This is nature, anything is possible but you do need an egg.

Is pregnancy possible if you have never started your period?

Yes. Before girls start their period they ovulate.

Could cramping 4 weeks before period sore nipples and frequent urination mean pregnancy?

Those are all possible signs of pregnancy.

Is cramping a week and a half before your period normal or does that mean possible pregnancy even if you haven't had sex?


Can you be 10 years old and be pregnant?

You normally get pregnancy as you attain the puberty. You may get the pregnancy before the periods to come. It is rare to get the pregnancy at the age of ten. But it is possible to get the pregnancy at this age also.

What are the symptom before pregnancy?

You have no pregnancy symptoms before you are pregnant.

What is the Chance of getting pregnant right before your period?

It is possible. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period or the one after that

What week of pregnancy milk will come in?

Milk comes closer to the end, a few weeks before labor, your breasts will produce milk.

Is it possible to be pregnant and show signs of pregnancy but get a negative answer from a home pregnancy test taken about 3 days before a missed period?

It is possible because the pregnancy hormone is not always detected due to lack of enough of the hormone Wait 2 weeks and try again ♥Sarah♥

What month of pregnancy could possible the pregnancy symptoms starts?

well pregnancy symptoms can start prior to period. 1week before your period symptoms may be seen. fatigue,nausea,frequent urination are the signs you can notice.

If you arent due for your period for another week but are having pregnancy symptoms Is it possible to get a neg pt result but have a miscarriage before you confirm pregnancy?

Hi,yes unfortunately it is possible,a high percentage of pregnancys can spontaneously abort before and some people might not even know,sorry and good luck.

Can a woman become pregnant five days before her period?

If your cycle is regular, no you will not be ovulating 5 days before your period is due so no pregnancy is possible.