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Hyaline casts are not specific to kidney pathology and are often found in urinalysis post-exercise. However, in the presence of other signs and symptoms, they may be a clue that something is wrong with the kidney.

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Hyaline casts, or urinary casts, are cylinders of protein that have been dislodged and passed through the urinary tract. They are telling signs of kidney disease.

hyalin casts in urine show signs of possible kidney issues

DefinitionUrinary casts are tiny tube-shaped particles made up of white blood cells, red blood cells, or kidney cells. They form in kidney structures called tubules. Casts are held together by a protein released by the kidney. The content of a cast can tell your health care provider whether your urine is healthy or abnormal.Types of urinary casts include:Fatty castsGranular castsHyaline castsRed blood cell castsRenal tubular epithelial castsWaxy castsWhite blood cell castsAlternative NamesHyaline casts; Granular casts; Renal tubular epithelial casts; Waxy casts; Casts in the urine; Fatty casts; Red blood cell casts; White blood cell castsHow the test is performedA clean-catch (midstream) urine sample is needed, preferably the first morning urine sample. For information on how to collect this sample, see: Clean-catch urine cultureHow to prepare for the testNo special preparation is needed.How the test will feelThe test involves only normal urination, and there is no discomfort.Why the test is performedYour doctor may order this test to see if your kidneys are working properly and to check for certain conditions such as kidney infections, glomerular disease, and interstitial kidney disease.Normal ValuesThere are different types of casts. The presence of a few hyaline casts is normal.What abnormal results meanAbnormal results may include:Fatty casts are seen in people who have lipids in urine, usually as a complication of nephrotic syndrome.Granular casts are a sign of underlying kidney disease. However, they are nonspecific and may be found in people with many different kidney disorders.Hyaline casts are usually caused by dehydration, exercise, or diuretic medicines.Red blood cell casts are a sign of bleeding into the kidney tubule. They are seen in many diseases affecting the glomerulus, including IgA nephropathy, lupus nephritis, Goodpasture syndrome, and Wegener's granulomatosis.Renal tubular epithelial cell casts reflect damage to the tubules. They are seen in renal tubular necrosis, viral disease (such as CMV nephritis), and transplant rejection.Waxy casts are associated with advanced kidney disease and chronic kidney failure.White blood cell (WBC) casts are more common in interstitial cell kidney diseases such as interstitial inflammation, pyelonephritis, and parenchymal infection.This test may also show:Acute nephritic syndromeGlomerulonephritis - chronicGlomerulonephritis - post-streptococcalGlomerulonephritis - rapidly progressiveComplicated urinary tract infectionNecrotizing vasculitisRhabdomyolysisPrimary amyloidSecondary amyloidSystemic lupus erythematosusWhat the risks areThere are no risks.

High LPF levels can indicate problems with the kidneys in the casts, also known as hyaline casts. Depending on whether it is the white blood cell count that's high, or the red, is what would indicate which issue you have.

If you mean arm casts then yes. my sister recently got one Hope this helps

Bone united by hyaline cartilage. Example: Epiphyseal plate

Small fibrous objects formed from materials that collect in the kidney tubules and are washed out by normal urine flow.

White Blood Cell Casts

Chondrocytes are the cells found in HYALINE CARTILAGE.

The function of hyaline cartilage is to provide flexible support.

The TMJ is covered with hyaline cartilage.

hyaline cartilage A Hyaline cartilage, but lacking perichondrion

Protein and cellular casts in the urine indicate possible lupus nephritis. Foaming urine can be a symptom. In advanced stages, high blood pressure and swelling of the lower extremities are also symptoms.

Hyaline arteriolosclerosis is caused by a leaky endothelium causes plasma components to deposit in arteriolar walls. This leads to hyaline thickening of the walls and luminal narrowing.

Hyaline hypha is a part of fungal structure.The branches of fungi are called hyphae.When these hyphae are clear without any granules then they are called as Hyaline Hypha.

Chondroma in medical terminology refers to the tumor like growth of mature hyaline cartilage.

You can find hyaline cartilage in your trachea or "windpipe" They are "c" ringed shaped.

The function of the hyaline cartilage is to support the moveable joints between the bones.

I had scant urothelial cells present in my urine test. What does this mean?

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if your urine is clear is it clean of weed? defin8ly