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No you do not have to cancel either insurance.. You are what we call in the industry "dually covered". That means that your secondary(husbands) insurance will pay all or most of your copays ( for prescriptions and office visits) and most of your deductible ( if you have one)... Therefore, make sure that all your providers accept both insurances and you are all set to go!!!! If you are wondering if you can cancel your insurance with your job, you will have to call your group administrator to find out because there are special times during the year that you have to make any changes to the policy.. such as cancelling coverage, adding a new baby or removing an ex spouse.

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Can insurance cancel your insurance after they have taken payment?

An insurance company can cancel your coverage for any number of reasons, all of which would need to be laid out in the policy (contract) that you signed with them upfront. The most common reason that a company would cancel your insurance would be for nonpayment. Other than that, you are probably safe unless you lied about something on the application.

How do you cancel my insurance?

Call your insurance agent and tell them you would like to cancel your insurance.

How do you cancel empire fire and marine insurance policy?

The same as with any insurance policy. You just contact the company and inform them you would like to cancel your policy. You can also stop paying the bill.

Will auto insurance company cancel your policy for using a RADAR detector?

They shouldn't, How would they even know?

Your ex husband has gotten car insurance in your name is this legal?

Only if they have a power of attorney that would allow it. Otherwise its fraud and identity theft. Talk with DMV and find out who the company is and have them cancel it and report it for a fraud case.

Which insurance is primary for the husband when the husband and wife each have insurance through their jobs and husband is covered by the wifes insurance as well?

The husbands own insurance would be primary, and his wife's would be secondary.

Can a husband cancel his wife's health insurance if not legally separated?

If not legally separated, you will probably have to wait until open enrollment through your employer to cancel her insurance. If you do get legally separated, you can cancel insurance as you have had "change in status." Usually insurance companies will process changes outside of open enrollment when you have a change in family status. An example of this would be getting married, having a baby, or getting divorced/legally separated.

Can i cancel the gap insurance from the dealer if you have insurance on it?

Usually you can cancel the Gap insurance anytime you want. You should be refunded money too depending on when you purchased it. Gap Insurance has nothing to do with Auto Insurance. Gap Insurance is just something that you purchase "usually from the dealer" to protect you if your upside down in your loan. Say you owe $5,000 on your vehicle, but it's only worth $3,000. If you have an accident and it's totaled out. Your insurance company is going to give you only what it's worth. So you would get $3,000 from your insurance company. The Gap insurance would cover the "GAP" between what is owed and what you got from the insurance company. Because your still going to owe the bank another $2,000 for a vehicle that is totaled out. Gap insurance can sometimes be difficult to cancel, and they sometimes they will give you a hard time about it.. But just read the paperwork that you got when you purchased your vehicle, usually it tells you on there how to cancel and if there are any fees involved. Just keep in mind that Gap Insurance is not Auto Insurance, so you would need to have Auto Insurance regardless if you have the Gap Insurance. Good Luck!

Do you get a refund if you cancel homeowners insurance?

Yes, if you cancel your home insurance policy mid term you would be entitled to the unearned portion of your premium payments.

Can a spouse drop or cancel insurance on the other spouse if that spouse has no other coverage This for the state of Florida The husband has cancer and the wife wants to drop him from her insurance?

Why would the wife want to do that? Check the Family Law Code in your State - she's probably responsible for any debts that her husband incurs. Check with the Insurance Company - they will probably write a separate policy for the husband. If's it's group insurance - he's probably entitled to his own policy under COBRA - once COBRA expires - he's probably entitled under HIPAA

Can an insurance company cancel coverage because of not having a land line and thus no reverse 911 coverage?

each state would have their own reasons insurers can cancel or non renew coverage - this doesn't seem like a reasonable reason to cancel coverage

Can an insurance company cancell your cottage insurance without reason?

No. Why would an insurance company cancel your policy without any reason? Depending on the state that you live in and the regulations in your state will determine how and under what circumstances a company would cancel your insurance policy. Normally they have to give you a certain amount of notice before cancelling your policy. For instance, if you fail to pay your premium the notice would be 10 days from the date they mail you the notice. If you have excessive claims or fail to maintain the property, they would have to non-renew the policy meaning they could not cancel it until the next renewal date and must give you 60 days notice for the non-renewal. Dates and reason vary based on the State you live in and the regulations.

How do you cancel a current health insurance policy?

Call the insurance agent or company and let them know you wish to cancel and request their method for doing such. If you are paying it through a bank draft I would stop the draft as well so that another payment is not drafted before the cancellation is processed.

If the hazard insurance from your mortgage agreement was cancelled do you get a refund and the mortgage payments go down?

Mortgage insurance is required when you have less than 20% down or equity in your home. Once you reach that percentage of ownership, you can cancel the insurance. Hazard insurance is different. Most Morgagees (Lenders) have a clause that forces you to continually have hazard insurance without lapses or they will assign insurance for you. The assigned insurance generally is more expensive than all other alternatives. If you cancel your current hazard insurance you would likely receive a refund but it would be unwise to cancel without getting insurance from another company... and especially unwise to spend the money. Your payments would not go down, but likely up because of the assigned insurance.

Can you cancel your spouse's health insurance during a separation in Maryland?

That would not be a very nice thing to do, what you should do is write to your spouse and the insurance company, point out that you are now separated and indicating that you will no longer be paying for your spouses insurance after a fixed date in the future. This informs the insurance company of your intentions and allows your ex spouse to arrange their own health insurance.

When can a car insurance company cancel you?

Insurance CancelAn insurance company can cancel you anytime they want to as long as they have a legitimate reason to do so, and they are required BY LAW to send you WRITTEN NOTICE to advise you of any cancellation should one occur. This not does not apply to monthly bill statements because within the bill statement it says that your policy will cancel should they not receive a payment. This is the most common reason for cancellations, when people don't pay their monthly insurance bill. Another reason you may be cancelled the company can consider you high risk. If you hve had too many accidents or have have made too many claims with a certain time period, they can cancel you because they feel it would actually cost them more to insure you versus insurance premiums you would pay to them. Finally, you can be cancelled for fraudulent reasons. If you lied on a claim, mileage at time of policy issue, or just cheated the insurance for whatever reason, they can cancel you. Also, if the offense is serious enough, you can be sued or possibly prosecuted.

Will your mom's insurance go up if you got a ticket in her car but you're not on her insurance?

== == The insurance company will decide if they still want to INSURE Mom, seeing as she lets UN-INSURED drivers use her car. They would be well with-in their legal rights to cancel her insurance outright for that. And after she is canceled by one company, she will have a lot of trouble to get ANY insurance coverage at all.

Does car insurance in Ontario cease if the driver is impared?

The standard insurance companies would not insure you if you are involved in drunk driving. Once you are charged with drunk driving, the standard insurance company will cancel your policy, subject to your insuring yourself in the specialty market - high risk insurers like Pilot insurance, Echelon insurance or any other company.

Do you have to cancel joint life insurance if you get divorced?

Not necessarily. Some companies have an option where you can actually split up the life insurance policy if you were to get divorced. Sometimes it isn't the case though, so I would be sure to check with your current insurance company.

Can the secondary insurance provider deny a claim that was not filed with the primary insurance provider first?

Let me tell you what happend to me. I hope that this helps. I used to be covered by two insurance companies. My primary insurance company was through the company that I worked with. My secondary was with the company that my husband works with. When a claim was filed with my secondary insurance company they wanted to know how much my primary insurance company paid for and until then they would not pay anything. So I had to submit to my primary insurance company and once they paid some then the secondary would. I hope that this helped:) * Yes. A claim must always be made with the primary insurer first.

Can you cancel your car insurance policy?

You sure can cancel your insurance policy BUT you might not want to. In our state insurance is required to drive a car or truck and you can be fined and lose you drivers license if your caught driving without insurance. I would question the wisdom of cancelling your insurance

Can a husband who has epilepsy who can't drive be the sole party on the policy yet his wife not on it but she's the only actual daily driver?

It is likely that if the husband is unable to drive, then he can't get insurance and the wife would have to be insured. You need to check with your insurance company.

Can husband canceled health insurance on wife?

That would be pretty stupid...but probaly yep he can My ex did they(the insurance company)said because we didn't file taxes together. LOL what a joke!!

When do you cancel your homeowners insurance?

Generally one would cancel a home insurance policy whenever one decides they no longer need it, such as sold the home or the home no longer exists, etc.

Can you cancel your 17 year old off your car insurance?

If the insurance company agrees you can sign an exclusion which would be a legal document stating that you will not allow your 17 year old to drive any vehicles in your home or possession and that if they do drive such a vehicle you agree that the insurance company is in no way liabile for any damage done and that no coverage applies from your insurance policy.