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305 man to the rescue, maybe!!Firstly I would short out the two pins inside the plug to the thermostatic switch to make sure the fan comes on. If it does, I would then do one of the following things. Watch your fingers!!!!!!!!

1) Ensure that the radiator was topped up fully when changed. With 306's the rad is lower than the top of the engine so you could have an air lock. The way round this is tricky but the manual says to do the following. Remove the filler cap. Place a tube into the top of the radiator tank which is a snug seal around the hole, therefore effectively extending the tank higher than the engine.Locate the bleeder taps on the small 10mm black water hoses. There should be one near the dipstick and one at the back of the engine bay under the drivers side front screen wipers. Release them a few turns, then pour water down your extension tube until it comes out of the bleeder taps. As soon as the water comes out, tighten it fully. Then I would try the engine and see if the rad gets hot and fan cuts in.

2) If this fails I would check the thermostatic switch on the radiator. I believe that it is on the right hand side down low and is made of brass with an electrical plug on it. (this is the plug with two pins that you short out to make the fan come on. There is another switch higher up on the rad which is a level sensor and brings up a warning light on the instrument panel that is bright orange).

Cheers Keith (KGREENW5@Ford.COM)

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Q: You have just had a new rad fitted on your 306 xsi and now the fan doesn't cut in The garage said its not their fault and it could be the fan or the thermostat they won't help?
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