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You have just had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and your question is when will you be able to smoke again?

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It is not recommended to smoke, marijuana or tobacco, after having any type of surgery in your mouth that involves having a tooth extracted. After a dentist removes the tooth you will be left with a circular hole in the bone of your jaw, as your body begins to heal itself a small blood clot will form in this hole.

The suction from smoking can cause a vacuum effect on the hole where the root was and the newly formed blood clot can become dislodged. This is how dry socket occurs and it is a very painful and slow healing process.

You may be tempted to find ways around the suction part of smoking if you are desperate enough. Edibles as well as some creative ideas with straws and gravity bongs might be a safer alternative to a water bong or a joint. However there is some debate as to weather or not THC in your blood stream can effect the healing process. If you do smoke, be sure to keep the extraction point wet and covered with gauze while you smoke to lessen the effect on the area.

48 to 72 hours after the surgery is what most people agree is a safe amount of time to wait before smoking after having a tooth pulled, maybe longer if it is a wisdom tooth that had to be have the gums stitched, or multiple pulled at once. But some cases of dry socket can happen as many as 5 days after a surgery.

Good Luck and happy healing.

2012-02-23 21:14:49
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Wisdom teeth smoking?

Do not smoke after having your wisdom teeth extracted. The sockets could become infected, and at the very least, it will slow the healing process.

Is it okay to smoke after midnight if you are getting your wisdom teeth out the next day?

* No, there should be no problem, but after you finish smoking use a good antibacterial mouth wash. What is the most important is not to smoke after you have extracted your wisdom teeth for at least 48 hours. == ==

Is it okay to smoke a cigarette after having a tooth extracted?

It's never OK to smoke a cigarette.

Can you smoke directly after you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

You can pack the site with moist gauze, bite down and then inhale...this will keep the clot in the tooth. You must use moist gauze for each smoke for 3 days, or 8 days for a wisdom tooth. How do I know? I am a smoker and have had two teeth pulled this month alone on separate occasions. If you keep the hole covered with the moist gauze, your clot will stay where it needs to be :)

Can you smoke marijuana after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Now that would not be wise. Your not supposed to smoke anything for at least a week after getting your wisdom teeth pulled out.

How long do you have to wait to smoke after your wisdom teeth are pulled?

It takes 6 months for you to smoke them cigars.

How long should you wait to smoke after having a wisdom tooth pulled?

i wouldn't smoke at all.

How long after wisdom teeth removal can you smoke?

24 hours.

When can you start smoking weed again after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

you can smoke weed right after if you want. just hit it through your nose. sounds strange but helps with the pain

When can you smoke after wisdom teeth?

The amount of time that you have to wait to begin smoking again after the removal of a wisdom tooth is about five days to a week. Smoking too soon after an extraction can lead to a very painful infection called dry socket. It is best to ask your dentist.

Why shouldn't you smoke right after getting wisdom teeth removed?

It's just plane bad to smoke period.

Can you smoke marijuana before getting your wisdom teeth out?

Why wouldn't you? not sure what part of removing the teeth your referring to that could connect to toking so cant really answer your question.

Is it safe to smoke weed before getting wisdom teeth out?

what in the hell... ?

How long should i wait to smoke after my wisdom are removed?

4 four

What happens if you smoke marijuana after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

you get hungry.

Can you smoke weed a week after 4 wisdom teeth removal?


When can you smoke after having a wisdom tooth removed?

in 3 years time

What should I do if on the fourth day following wisdom teeth extraction it starts to bleed again?

Use gauze pads or tea bags. Do not smoke. If after a day it is still bleeding, call your dentist.

When can you smoke again after wisdom teeth extraction?

When it is the area is fully healed around the end of week 2 is a good time as long as there is no pain, no swelling, your stitches are out and you've had a check up.

Should you Smoke pot with surgery on your wisdom teeth?

Maybe my answer is more of an opinion, but NO, you should not smoke pot, At All... However, if you do smoke anything, to avoid getting dry sockets, you should not after having surgery on your wisdom teeth, at least not within 48 to 72 hours.

How will smoking affect my extracted wisdom teeth?

Smoking is always horrible for your health. If in fact your wisdom teeth have been extracted, they may finally be distanced from the smoke and will not become any yellower, or stained. Do your body a favor, stop smoking as soon as you can. There are excellent drugs to help with your cravings, and your addiction. About 4000 people a year die in America from heroin overdoses, but nearly 400,000 die from smoking related deaths. Many of them die from lung cancer, which I have recently seen take one of my closest friends. You don't want that, trust me.

How long should you wait to smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal?


I got my wisdom teeth out nine days ago is it safe to smoke?

It is never safe to smoke ! Each cigarette is a nail in your coffin !

How long do you have to wait to smoke after get your wisdom tooth pulled?

I just had two teeth pulled and my denist said 4 days till I can smoke

Can you smoke weed with clove dressings in after having a minor infection after wisdom tooth extraction?

NO, you moron you should not even be smoking that in the first place what is wrong with you, Do you know how bad that stuff is for you? Oh and back to the question if you smoke with an infection you should not smoke because it will make it worse. Try to some hot water and slat in your mouth.