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You have just had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and your question is when will you be able to smoke again?

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2012-02-23 21:14:49

It is not recommended to smoke, marijuana or tobacco, after

having any type of surgery in your mouth that involves having a

tooth extracted. After a dentist removes the tooth you will be left

with a circular hole in the bone of your jaw, as your body begins

to heal itself a small blood clot will form in this hole.

The suction from smoking can cause a vacuum effect on the hole

where the root was and the newly formed blood clot can become

dislodged. This is how dry socket occurs and it is a very painful

and slow healing process.

You may be tempted to find ways around the suction part of

smoking if you are desperate enough. Edibles as well as some

creative ideas with straws and gravity bongs might be a safer

alternative to a water bong or a joint. However there is some

debate as to weather or not THC in your blood stream can effect the

healing process. If you do smoke, be sure to keep the extraction

point wet and covered with gauze while you smoke to lessen the

effect on the area.

48 to 72 hours after the surgery is what most people agree is a

safe amount of time to wait before smoking after having a tooth

pulled, maybe longer if it is a wisdom tooth that had to be have

the gums stitched, or multiple pulled at once. But some cases of

dry socket can happen as many as 5 days after a surgery.

Good Luck and happy healing.

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