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You have lost your admin password of tally 9 how to recover?


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Visit here, http://www.tallymonster.com

here you can recover Tally admin password with online utility.

With in 5 min, get your password free.

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Are u Forgot the tally password dont worry i will recover your password in 5min and i will train you how to recover the tally password for more details send the mail to:ramukumar006@yahoo.com There are 2 Types of Tally Password are there. one is Ordinary Password & 2nd one is Vault Password Ordinary Password braking is take 5Min but Vault Password is take the time 2days Q:-How to Know ordinary or Vault Password A:- Open Tally -> Company Info -> Select Company in the Company List if your company name is visible like (ABC & CO) then it is ordinary Password or in Select company list your company name is visible Like (********) then it is Vault Password.

go to a site which know sbout to recover username and password

Try using the "Forgot Your Password" form.

There is an option in the sign in to find your lost password. It probably says: "Forgot your password" or "I forgot my password". Just click that and reset your password, simple.

We are provides Tally Password Recovery Services and helps in recovering your lost password of important tally data without any time loss with in an hour. for more info:- 9320018773,9819837385

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If you don't already have a password, type in the last 4 digits of your cell phone number and that should do it.

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