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installing manual windowsone way to install power windows for your car if they are not equipped is by finding the exact car at a salvage yard with power windows installed. the problem with this is you have to replace the window regulator(the part that hold the window in place) and get all the wiring for the power motor that operates your window. also you will have to decide if you will be replacing the side panels to accomodate the new switch you just acquired to or will you just place a hole in your existing panel. then where will you get the power to operate the window? I'm certain you can mount a hot wire to your fusebox although if you are not careful you can burn your wire if connected in the wrong place. all this can be very tedious and fustrating. unless you are sure of your mechanic skills i would not recommend doing this procedure.the other way is i have heard of custom shops that install alarms and such can do all this for you for a price. how much depends on the year and kind of car since they will be purchasing new aftermarket parts to install in your vehicle. so its pretty much up to you how much you want to spend..time or money or both.
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Q: You have manual windows is it possible to install driver power window unit you have power door locks?
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