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You have no park lights and no panel lights no low beams the small fuse keeps blowing under the hood what could cause this and how can you fix it in a 1996 Honda accord?

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That can be difficult to find. You'll need to isolate the problem by pulling plugs on different parts of the circuit and testing for shorts. It can be a lot of trouble and sometimes problems can just go away when you touch a wire. I hate trying to find those kinds of problems. There is no simple fix or special instructions. Turn everything off and then turn on one thing at a time to see what causes the fuse to blow. Remember that even though one thing can cause the fuse to blow, it might just be that the wire is shorted.

2006-07-29 18:15:21
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Q: You have no park lights and no panel lights no low beams the small fuse keeps blowing under the hood what could cause this and how can you fix it in a 1996 Honda accord?
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What is head light bulb size for a 1996 Honda Accord?

9006 for low beams and 9005 for high beams

You have a 1991 honda accord and the tail lights dash lights turn signals and low beams dont work you have replaced the fuses the lighting relay and the headlight switch nothing has worked can you hel?


How do you turn on the high beams on a Honda Accord?

Pull the turn signal lever toward you. Do the same to turn them off.

Your high beams switch is broken in your 2001 Honda accord how can you fix it?

If the high beam switch is broken that it should be replaced. When the unit is replaced the high beams will work again.

Are the cooling and heating mode buttons -examples - panel-floor - defrost - in a 1996 Honda Accord supposed to light up when the headlights are on?

not with just your daytime running lights. but when you turn your park lights and low beams on, it should light up. not that big of a deal though

1996 Honda accord headlight adjustment?

normally done by a switch located on the dashboard. To manually realign disproportionate head lights you need to face the car toward a wall and aligh the beams manually by adjusting the clibs and scres holding head light chasis in place

Why do you have High Beams Lights But No Low Beams Lights on my 1993 Chevy Van?

Bad bulbs Bad dimmer switch

95 Honda Accord DX headlights on both side are blind while corner lights and high beams work fuses ok what possible wrong?

if it's a Canada model, it's the daytime running lights relay, if us model, then check headlamp relay located in underhood fuse box (also that's where drl relay is)

Why wont the daytime running and low beams lights work when I have high beams and have changed both lights and the switch?

Have you checked the drl relay?

How do you run highbeams and fog lights on a 2007 mustang gt?

the fog lights work with the low beams , they wont come on with the high beams

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The low beams and high beams are both H7 bulbs. The fog lights are H3's.

Which lights should you use when you are drivingin a fog?

Low beams and fog lights if equipped. High beams only light-up the fog more.

Why would my headlights quit working but the parking lights brake lights and tail lights still work and high beams do when switch is pulled back on a 94 Grand Am?

Low beams are burned out.

When turning on head lights in my 1993 ford explorer they do not work when you hold the high beam switch then the head lights work?

your bulbs are burnt out. when you switch on the high beams its only the high beams. but when you flash your brights it lights up both high and low beams.

In fog what lights are best to use?

low beams

What is the law on driving with your high beams on in the daytime?

In my experience, the wording of the DMV regulations in most states refer simply to "dazzling" or "blinding" lights and are not otherwise defined as "high" beams. If your front lights (low beams/high beams/fog lamps) fit the description of "dazzling" lights (DAY or night) then they are unlawful when used in an oncoming traffic situation.

What is needed to activate your fog lights so they work with the courtesy lights and the high beams in a 2003 Hyundai elantra gt?

I believe that it is illegal to run fog lights and high beams together, however I could be wrong.

What lights do you turn on while driving in fog?

Low beams

Which beam lights should you use in the fog?

Low beams

How do you make it so when you turn on your high beams your low beams and fog lights stay on on a 2007 Ford Edge?


What type of lights should you use in a fog?

Fog Lights only, Low Beam only or Fog Lights + Low Beams.

Why would someone jerryrig the low beams on a 1994 Le Baron to make the low beams work Wire from battery operates low beams Low beams do not work high beams do and so do parking lights?

Bad dimmer switch.

My 2003 Honda CRV low beams do not work but the high beams do check fuses and bulbs?

try new light bulbs

What are all the lights on a school bus?

All the lights on a bus are: 4 way flashers (4) cation lights ( yellow ) 4 cation lights ( Red ) 4 strobe light (top of bus) (1) back up lights (2) brake lights (4) blinkers (4) head lights (low beams) (2) head lights (high beams) (2)

2000 Chevy Cavalier low beams do not work but day running lights and high beams work what could be wrong?

As a guess both low beams are burnt out The daytime running and high beams are the same light filament. Or the fuse or the relay for the low beams.