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there's an 5 amp fuse in the fuse block marked instrument that's blown.

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Q: You have no power to the digital air cond or blower motor on 94 t-bird v8 worked until you heard sound like fuse blew is there a fuse anywere else other than the fuse box inside and the one under the?
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Front blower control wiring diagram for 2005 caravan quit working?

my 2005 dodge caravan front blower worked in the pm for the last time the back one still works. found the fuse box under the hood is there another inside the van?

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94 jeep Cherokee heater motor only worked on high and now does not work at all?

Probably the blower motor resistor, check blower motor at the same time

The heater fan has quit in your 1997 ford escort?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor resistor pack, blower motor, or blower motor switch. This happened to me and I found a connector at the fan motor had fried. I changed the connector and it worked great.

2003 Cadillac Deville Blower Intermitent?

when i changed the bm everything worked fine.$60 for the part.

You replaced the blower motor for the heater of your 92 beretta it worked for a while then stopped Any ideas on what to do next Thanks?

Check the fuses and blower relay. Also check to make sure that the replacement blower motor has not failed. If these items are good then the electrical system will need to be tested to see where the blower system is losing power.

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What would cause wipers and blower not to work on a 1994 ford escort?

Well, both the wipers and the blower could have a burned out fuse. Of course, they both could have a burned out motor. I would run a hot wire from the battery to the wipers and the blower motor. If they worked, I'd be looking for a fuse or bad switch.

Have a friedrich wall ac you hear the ac go on humming but do not hear the compressor go on and do not feel air flow?

check to see if the blower is moving it may be stuck open ac spin the blower then try ac again it worked for me .

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You installed a blower motor in your 1997 grand prix gt in 03 It worked until the blinker switch was changed only worked on 5 now it doesn't blow Need help Blower out again?

Blinker switch would suggest ignition switch- turn key to on but dont start car and jiggle key with blower turned to 5. Working only on 5 suggest resistors are bad. The resistors are inside the blower case with the actual blower or very close to the blower case outside and you can tell if they are bad(burned, etc). . If 5 is high then 1-4 goes thru resistors but 5 is direct with only a relay. There should be a relay (think it is under the hood in the electrical box) marked high blower or something similar. Pull it out and check condition of prongs and plug it back in and see if it works on 5. There is also the possibility of the speed switch 1-5 being bad or just corroded. Pull the switch and unplug the plug and check it for corrosion. Of course there is another way to see if blower is getting power by checking voltage with ignition switch on and fan switch on 5 but that means you have to remove the trim under the glove box and measuring with a meter. Hope these ideas help.

99 vw AC blower not working?

tested blower,ok. then tested incoming voltage to blower and found to be zero. the final step was to replace the blower switch. To replace that switch, the middle part of the dashboard, including the radio had to be removed. The ac and heater come in one piece. It worked fine then. I think, there is a chance that the switch could be just cleaned up and it would work, again I think.

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What is the problem if the blower on your 95 Chevy Asro worked on and off during the winter and now doesn't work at all and a new relay switch was installed but didn't work?

This could be your actual blower motor that is bad. It is spendy and hard to get to, but this could be the problem.

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What is a blower motor resistor pack and where is it on a ford focus 2001?

: My 2002 focus blower fan worked at the highest setting only and not 1,2 and 3. I fixed it by replacing the blue resistor pack held down by 1 screw behind the glove box next to the blower motor. : At first I checked the power supply to the blower motor connector. I was getting power only at setting 4 and none at other settings. : Fan blower electrical diagram showed that the only connection to the fan blower is the power supply, resistor pack and front panel switch.

Where is the blower motor resistor in a 98 Grand Prix?

I did this job on a 1999 Grand Prix, and I believe the location is the same for the 98 year model. First of all you will have to remove the blower motor itself. It is located on the passenger side floor board below the glove compartment, up against the firewall. It is an awkard job and I found that what worked best for me was to lay on my back with my head up against the center console. Once you have removed the 4 screws that mount the blower, disconnect the electrical connection and remove the blower. It is a tight fit around a wiring harness that is in the same area, but with some effort, it will come out. The blower motor resistor is located inside the duct work where the blower motor goes. There are 3 screws holding it in place, one of which is hard to see. A mechanics mirror comes in handy to locate the hidden screw. I would also advise that you replace the blower motor along with the resistor so that you don't have to go through the aggrevation later. I bought both parts through the local Auto Zone, which was much cheaper than the dealers cost. Both worked just fine. Good luck.

Why wont your Heater Blower switch work in your 94 Sundance?

did your heater switch go out all of a sudden or did some work like high work and low not work? if some worked your blower resister is most likely bad under your glove box

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Ac heater blower keeps running even when the power is off.olds intrigue 98'?

Well i heard plenty of reasons but the one that actually worked for my olds intrigue 98' was replacing the blower motor resistor which cost about 20 bucks or so.....hope this helps

Hyundai blower only works on high?

I am having that exact same problem with my Hyundai Accent. My heater blower only worked on the 4th setting until today that stopped working too. I'm not sure what it could be. I'm hoping someone on here can help

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Why wont the heat blow in your 2000 grand am se heat worked yesterday?

Check coolant level check blower motor fuse Check the thermostat

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