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You have noticed that every time my husband comes inside me that I get a really bad stomach cramping pain?

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Is there any fat inside the stomach?

Not INSIDE your stomach but in front of your stomach, your belly, yes.

What is the inside of your stomach called?

The leftover of your lunch ;D The stomach, as an organ, doesn't have a term to refer to the inside of it, as far as I know. In conversation, 'the inside of the stomach' will usually suffice in describing the inside of the stomach. Hardly detailed, but meh.

What substance coats and protects the inside of the stomach?

Mucous coats the stomach and protects the inside of it.

What does the stomach do to your body?

all of the food you ate goes inside the stomach inside your body

Why are you cramping 2 days after your boyfriend came inside you?

You could be pregnant!

Why do starfish turn their stomach inside out?

Starfish turn their stomach inside out to capture food that is near them.

What job does the stomach do?

it keeps your food inside your stomach

Acids inside the stomach are called?

Stomach acids

What organ in the stomach is hollow?

The stomach is hollow. There are no individual organs inside the stomach.

Where does the baby sit inside your stomach at 3-4 weeks?

A baby NEVER sits inside your stomach

What is inside your stomach?

Inside your stomach you have an acid called "gastric acid".It turns the food that you eat from the esophagus into a liquid.

How does sperm feel when its inside you?

How does sperm feel when its inside you? well from my experience it will feel like little bubbles inside your stomach going up. then your stomach will get tight and it will feel like something dropped to the bottom of your stomach

How is the inside of a frog's stomach different to the outside?

The inside is folded

How do acid foods effect your body?

Acid foods when reach stomach it increases the concentration of HCl produced inside stomach which in turn causes ulcers inside stomach.

What is pyloric pump of the stomach.?

The pyloric pump of the stomach empties what's inside the stomach into the duodenum. The pump is activated when the stomach distends. The pump is inhibited when there's acid inside the duodenum. The pump is also inhibited if there are substances difficult tot digest inside the duodenum.

Where is the eel stomach?

Inside its body.

Why cant mushrooms grow inside your stomach?

Because there is stomach acid, I think...

What does the inside of a fetal pigs stomach look like?

The inside of a fetal pig stomach looks like a vacuous chamber filled with acids and enzymes. It is similar to the stomach of an adult pig.

How can human stomachs withstand stomach acid?

the inside of the stomach constantly secretes mucus, which protects the stomach wall.

Which acid is inside the stomach?

The acid in the stomach is Hydrochloric acid which has a pH of approximately 0.8. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach is secreted by the Parietal cells which are part of a gastric gland. It is not harmful inside the stomach, but on the outside it is a very dangerous acid.

How can you have six PAC in your stomach?

You have a set of abdominal muscles along your abdomen. They are not inside of your stomach.

Name the ridges inside the stomach and give their functions?

rugae and they allow the stomach to expand.

In the Matrix what is the name of the bug that the Agents put inside Neo's stomach?

Stomach virus

Which animal teeth inside stomach?

Lobsters are the only animal that has teeth in their stomach. A lobsters stomach is very close to its mouth.

Where is his home on Pokemon Colosseum?

it is inside my stomach