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In my case the actual spark plug tube came loose. Also the spark plug tube gaskets my be leaking.

AnswerBadly worn piston rings may cause this. AnswerCommon problem with these engines, actually a cheap fix by a dealership. The sleeves that lead down to the sparkplugs seem to come loose after time and the gaskets fail causing oil to form on the top of your sparkplugs. The early signs are a faint smell of oil when your car warms up but no sign of an oil leak. After a wile the oil will get between the plug wire and the plug itself causing the car to misfire and eventually short out the electronis. To avoid more problems I would recommend taking it to the dealer, where they will pull the valve cover and replace the gaskets and reset your valve cover.. that costs no more than $90-$150, at least when I had mine done at 172,000 miles on my 2001 R/T. The dealership should know about this problem if you describe it to them.
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Q: You have oil in the driver side spark plug cylinder of your 02 neon anyone know why?
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How do you know if a cylinder is not firing?

if a cylinder is not firing there will be no spark at the spark plug. Carefully twist as you pull the ignition wire out and start the engine. when the wire gets close to the spark plug you should see an arc. This means the cylinder is firing

Why is does my number 4 cylinder missing?

If you know which cylinder is not getting a spark you should know why. Put a new plug and lead in No. 4. and see what happens.

How do i know if it's a 4 cyl or 6 cyl?

You can count the number of spark plugs. A four-cylinder engine will have two spark plugs on each side of the engine. A six-cylinder engine will have three spark plugs on each side of the engine.

Can a truck driver work on a car?

If they know how, anyone can work on a car.

I can not believe that anyone that can legally drive a motor vehicle in America and not know where the spark plugs are?

Well they are hidden by the spark plug boots ;-)

On a 2001 v6 ford mustang how do you know what spark plug wires go where?

the coil packs are numbered per cylinder

How do you know if you crossed a wire when replacing spark plug wires?

Depending on how many you crossed the engine would fail to run or run very roughly as the spark to the cylinder is not timed correctly

How do you know when the fuel injector is bad on a 99 expedition 5.4 engine?

Locate which cylinder is dead, remove the spark plug, if the spark plug is bone dry the injector is probably not working.

Cant get spark plug out of 04 volusia anyone know what size socket to use?

18 mm

Dodge Caravan cylinder not firing?

First things to look at are your distributor cap and rotor, spark plug for that cylinder, and the spark plug wire to that cylinder. If you can't see anything physically wrong with any of those, try switching the spark plug with one from another cylinder, if the misfire moves to the new cylinder, you'll know the plug is bad. If it wasn't the plug, try switching the plug wire with another of the same or similar length, again, if the misfire moves to the new cylinder, you'll know the wire is bad. If that doesn't help, ask "What could cause misfire?" in the Ask box above or click on the link below to that question and answer. There is a lot of information about misfires there.

How do you know which chamber is what for spark plugs on 1997 Grand Prix GT?

Well I have answered this already on another post. But to keep it simple.. Why not do 1 cylinder at a time.. Then what difference does it make for spark plugs.

Replacing the timing belt in a 98 Camry 4-cylinder?

I just replaced the timing belt on my 98 camry 4 cly and know it has now spark and im am positive that it is in time

What is the gaping supposed to be on a 2001 mirage 4-cylinder?

1.5 or 1.8 engine? I don't know the specs for the 1.5, but 1.8 is 0.039 to 0.043 of an inch. I am assuming you meant spark plug gap.

How do you know which pole on the distributor cap is for the number one cylinder on a 1993 safari 4.3?

Take the cap off the distributor and crank the engine until you see the timing marks line up. When they do, the number one cylinder is at TDC. Now simply look to see which post the rotor on the distributor would be pointing to (remember the cap is off). If you can't find the timing marks, stick a screw driver in the number one cylinder spark plug hole and crank until the piston moves the screw driver out as far as it will go.

What does the coil pack do on 1990 olsmobile 3.1?

I'd know more if you told me its location, but it is probably the spark coil. Is there a thick wire running from the coil to the distributor, and from there thick spark wires running to each cylinder?

Does anyone know where is the OBDII data port is on a Ford C-max 2004 It driving me nuts looking for it?

nevermind found it. if anyone wants to know, it is in the coin holder at the top next to the driver

How you know the spark plug number one on Nissan Xterra 2007?

Number one cylinder is the first one up front on the passenger side.

Is number 1 cylinder in 1972 ford motor on the driver side?

Many Ford V-8's number 1 cylinder would be located on the passenger side bank most forward cylinder. It would be helpful to know which engine you have to be sure.

What causes a cyl 4 misfire in a V6 Ford Escape?

possibly the coil, it is the most common problem. what I do is remove the coil clean the spark plug and remove the coil and spark plug from the cylinder next to it and swap it clear the code and drive it if the same cylinder triggers light you the problem is not ignition , on the other hand, if the swapped cylinder triggers light you now know that you need coil and plugs.

How do you know when you have weak spark plugs?

If the spark plug end (combustion chamber end) is coated with dry, black soot, it indicates weak spark or incomplete combustion. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean that the plug is bad; weak spark more often indicates a faulty coil or plug wire or, sometimes, an overfuelled cylinder.

Code miss fire on cylinder 6?

Could be a bad plug wire,spark plug,coil. Really need to know what your working on and the engine size.

Need to know the firing order for 01 Ford Ranger 2.5l has eight plugs?

On a 2001 Ford Ranger , 2.5 liter four cylinder engine : The spark plug firing order is ( 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 ) The spark plug wires connect to the two coil packs : ( 3 - 1 ) Spark plug wires on exhaust side ( passenger side of engine ) ( 2 - 4 ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( 4 - 2 ) Spark plug wires cross over top of engine to intake side ( driver side ) ( 1 - 3 )

How many spark plugs are in a 1991 Ford Ranger?

it has 8 spark plugs why i dont know but it has 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.3 L four cylinder engine has Fords twin plug ignition system ( 8 spark plugs ) There are 2 spark plugs per cylinder , 1 sparkplug fires on the " power stroke " and 1 sparkplug fires on the exhaust stroke to reduce the emissions The 2.9 L / 3.0 L / and 4.0 L - V6 engines have 6 sparkplugs

How many spark plugs does a 2002 suzuki gsxr 750 have?

Personally, If you do not know how many spark plugs your motorcycle uses, you probably don't need to be riding it. My feelings aside, the Suzuki GSX-R 750(as well as all models in the GSX-R family, the Yamaha R1, R6, the Honda CBR family, and the kawasaki zx/zzr family) are Inline 4 -cylinder engines(I-4). As with any engine, you need one spark plug per cylinder. Since you have an I-4, you would need 4 spark plugs. If you have a V-twin or a parallel twin, you need 2 spark plugs. If you have a single cylinder engine(scooters, most dirtbikes or any other very small cc engine), you only need one cylinder. You will also need to make sure you buy the proper spark plug, and GAP THE SPARK PLUG TO THE CORRECT GAP!!!! I do not know the gap off the top of my head, but you should be able to find it in your owners manual, or do some searching online.

What is the cylinder number on a Dodge hemi?

If you are wondering how many cylinders a newer hemi has, it is 8, however on a Ram truck for instance they have 16 spark plugs, which takes a couple of hours to replace if you know what you are doing. Pass side 2-4-6-8 driver side 1-3-5-7