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Call the lender, and make some kind of arrangements. Do not let your car get repossessed. You will be responsible for the balance on the loan. no

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Q: You have one day before your car is repossessed is there any payment options?
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You had two ATVs recently repossessed they want 6500 to get them back do you have any options?

You have none, except to get your payment account current. Remember, you DO NOT OWN the ATV's until you have paid them off in full. The lender owns them.

I paid cash for my vehicle and it was repossessed without any attempt to contact me am I entitled money back?

No, your down payment and any other payment you have made will be put to your subtotal for the car.

How long before you don't have to pay off a car that was repossessed?

The lender will pursue collections for any unpaid balance for seven years from the date the car was sold after being repossessed. If the balance is large, they may pursue legal judgment. Obtaining this, they will have ten years from the date of judgment or last payment.

Car was repossessed with no letter of intent sent no notice of actionwas law violated?

Your car can be repossessed at any time without any warning if you aren't making your payments. It is probably in your paperwork in the fine print what happens when you don't make your payment.

Can you sue for wrongful repossession of a vehicle when loan was paid in full over a month and a half ago?

Yes, if you have proof that your lender received your payment before your vehicle was repossessed. If you have this proof, you can sue them and get your car back and not be charged for any fees.

Is there any options if your check bounce on car down payment?

Immediately make the check good.

Can your car get repossessed if you are not 30 days late with payment?

Yes. Most lenders give customers 10 to 15 days grace to make a payment or for a payment made to post. However, by the language of most car notes, anything past a certain period of time (usually two weeks) is considered delinquent, and the balance of the loan is owed. The lender at this point is not required to accept anything less than payment of the remaining balance. And, the vehicle can be repossessed at any time to secure payment of the remaining balance.

How long before a vehicle can be repossessed?

This will usually be stated in the contract you sign when financing the vehicle. Some places, especially the "Bad Credit/No Credit" lots will attempt to repossess in as little as one day after payment is due. I don't see any financier letting it go for longer than 4 months with no payment be for they file for repossession.

Can YOUR car be repossessed when you object?

Yes. the title to car car remains with the bank or finance company. Legally they can take possession for lack of payment at any time regardless of your wishes.

Can a car still be repossessed in the state of California if it is your final car note before payoff of the loan and all late charges?

This is a very easy question the vehicle is not yours until the FINAL payment is MADE.When you are holding a title in your hand that has been legally cleared of any liens that is when you can stop worrying about someone potentially repossessing it for non-payment end of story.

What is the time period given before a car can be repossessed by a creditor in new york state?

Read the contract you signed. it likely states that when in DEFAULT, the lender can repo the collateral. Default is when you dont pay a payment as agreed or any other condition of the contract. No rocket science here.

If you cosign on a loan and they don't pay the bill and the car gets repossessed are you able to go after the primary debtor in court to make them responsible for any outstanding debt?

No. You cosigned on the loan. You are the bank's back-up payment if the first person defaults on payment and you become responsible. That is why it is very important that you trust the person you cosign for or you have the funds to pay for the car if they default. If you pay for the car, it becomes yours. Before it was repossessed, the bank should have notified you in writing. Then you have the option to take the car and pay for it. Both credits will by hurt substantially.

Can someone who has repossessed your car in Colorado also keep any money you have paid?

YES I guess I phrased the question badly.. The car dealer repossesed the car (illegaly, because he gave no notification), and threatened to keep the car and all the money that had been paid. He wouldn't work out any new terms before that. And he would not accept full payment of the car on the date the final payment had to be made. He will very soon be put out of business.

How soon can a car be repossessed?

Your contract most likely states that the lender can demand payment in full at anytime. This means they can repossess the vehicle after demanding you pay it off. If you are 5 days late, they could repossess it. There is no legal requirement for the lender to wait any amount of time before taking your vehicle.

Can a bank repossess a car before the last day of payment?

Unless it's explicitly stated in the fine print that they can't do any such thing, they have a right to repossess the moment the payment is rendered late, if they so wish. However, if you have documentation from the bank showing them explicitly giving you a deadline date, and they come to repossess before then, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. However, you would need to find out if it was the bank which had your car repossessed on that particular day, or if it was the repossessors jumping the gun and going forth with it before the date which they were specified to take possession of the vehicle.

Do I have any rights against a company I did what they asked me to make good on my acct have proof they got the payment amount they asked for but came to my house today and repossessed my shed anyway?

yes you do if you have proof but you would have to have a lawyer

Can a disabled person's vehicle be repossessed in Florida?

A disabled person's vehicle can be repossessed just as any other person's vehicle can be repossessed. You must make all payments on your vehicle if you want to keep it.

Can your car be repossessed from the parking lot where you work?

Yes, the car can be repossessed from any open location, your driveway, an open garage,and any kind of parking lot, etc. Sorry.

Is it customary for dentists to require full payment before they do any work?

No, it is not usual for a dentist to get the full payment before doing the complete job. Usually, the dentist takes the full charge in installments or after finishing the job.

What are payment options for Google Play formerly Android Market?

You can pay via any of the major credit cards, Google Wallet, or through your carrier.

How do you pay a collection account?

Have the collection agency send a written agreement accepting the settlement or payment amount agreed upon BEFORE rendering any payment(s).

What happens if you can't pay any remaining balances after your car was repossessed?

Usually the lender will obtain a judgment againt the debtor for the amount due. One of the options to collect it is to garnishee the debtors wages. Good Luck

What are your rights when it comes to a car that just has a payment for half of the remainder owed and the private party it was being bought from has repossessed it for personal reason?

If the repossession occurred in a state that does not permit self-help repossession, report the car stolen; it cannot be legally repossessed. Louisiana and Wisconsin are two of these states. If you can show legal possession of the vehicle, and on time payment, report the car stolen. It cannot be legally repossessed in any state unless the debt is delinquent. If you do not wish to involve LEO's immediately, contact the private party who "repossessed" the vehicle and explain that if it is not returned within a reasonable amount of time, that you will report the vehicle stolen and give his name as the party responsible. There is no legal "personal reason" for repossessing a vehicle.

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