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see where the wiring loses power. trace it back, starting at the pump, and go all the way back to the relay

2008-09-13 19:13:25
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Q: You have replaced the fuel pump and the relay on a 1997 GMC Sonoma Pickup but getting no power to the pump What should you look for?
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Can car seats go on the fold down seats in the back of a gmc sonoma pickup?

Yes, it is legal to put child car seats on the fold down seats in the back of a pickup truck. You should follow the same instructions on the car seat for these types of seats.

What type of engine oil should be put into a 2003 GMC Sonoma?

I have a 95 Sonoma. I use 5W30.

How do you remove interior door handle from 2001 GMC Sonoma pickup?

I believe the handle is one whole assy handle holder and lever. remove door panel and assy should rivet/bolt to door

How much approximately should it cost to have the starter replaced on a 2000 s 10 extreme pickup thank you?

Remanufactured starter and labor, aprox $250.00

What should be checked out on used pickup trucks before purchase?

Some thing's to check on all used vehicles before purchase would be how old it is and how many miles are on it. Also inquire about what parts have been replaced and when they were replaced.

What should i do when Getting 0405 code 2003 ford pickup?

P0405 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor A Circuit Low

What does a cracked serpentine belt mean?

The belt is getting old and brittle and should be replaced soon.

What can cause dicharging of a battery on Mazda pickup while the battery and alternator newly replaced?

Check for a key off draw (or parasitic draw) Should be less than .5 Amps

Does your 86 Toyota truck 22R engine have a timing belt or chain?

It has a chain, they should be replaced every 100,000 but I had an 1987 Toyota pickup with 230,000 and never replaced a thing on it and it ran like a dream. if your truck is running bad then replace it if not. then don't waste time

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1994 Chevy S-10 pickup truck located?

it should be with the fuses,i just replaced mine yesterday.bottom left hand corner of the fuse box

Where is the ECM located on a 1997 GMC Sonoma?

Should be under the hood on the pasenger side.

How many oxygen sensors are on a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup and how many should be replaced?

There are 3 oxygen sensors and all 3 should be changed for the best performance and fuel economy. ON THE 1995 Ram there is only one O2 sensor on the cat

How many miles should a 2001 pickup should have?

The average is 12K a year.

Where is the horn on a gmc 2003 sonoma?

It should be mounted inside the passenger side front fender .

What wine should be served on Thanksgiving?

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On an 86 Toyota truck what should the pickup coil resistance be?

Distributor pickup coil resistance 140-180 ohms.

How often should o2 sensors be replaced?

They are replaced when they go bad.

Power windows for a 2003 ford ranger will not work what should be replaced?

Check the fuse Check to see if you are getting power to the switch Check to see if you are getting power to the motors - if so motor is bad

Does a 2006 Chrysler 300C use a cabin filter and when should it be replaced?

It was a factory option. It should be replaced when dirty.

What should you do if you replaced brake pads and calibrators and still severe vibration occurs?

You should have your rotors checked and possibly turned or replaced as necessary You should have your rotors checked and possibly turned or replaced as necessary

Diagram ignition wiring 1987 Mazda pickup?

Color coded instructions on how the wiring should go in my pickup truck ignition

How do you use pickup with meowth in FireRed?

Pickup is activated randomly usually after a few battles if you check meowth it should be holding an item.

Was there a seatbelt in a 1972 Chevy pickup?

YES there was and still should be.

Where can you find a spark plug wiring diagram for a 1996 gmc sonoma?

If the coil packs have not been replaced then they will be labeled 1-4 in white numbers next to the terminal. The pack located on the lower side of the ignition module should be 2 / 3 and the top 1 / 4.

What type of freon is in a 1991 gmc sonoma?

Factory R-12 Should be converted to R-134