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Doesn't sound normal. Sounds more like improper installation. If everything isn't done right a bearing can get torn up pretty fast.

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What could cause a wobbling sound that was reduced but not eliminated by replacing the right front hub bearing and 4 new rims and tires?

wheel bearings are to loose

What would cause a popping sound at low speeds that stops when you touch the break after replacing a cracked front right rotor?

Check the bearing and wheel lugs.

How we can change our bearing-?

You can change your bearing by simply turning, left, right and center to change our bearing.

How do you know the wheel barring are bad?

A grinding or abnormal noise at the wheel is a good sign the bearing is bad. Unload the bearing by moving the vehicle left or right while moving. If the noise comes and goes when doing this, the bearing is bad. The only positive way to verify this is to remove the bearing and look at it. Pitting, scouring, and any other signs of wear indicate the bearing needs replacing. Be sure and replace the race if it is not perfect.

Could you inform me about bearing distributors?

Emerson Bearing is a worldwide sourcing network. This network allows them to find the right bearing for each individual customer at the right price. They will adapt to suit your needs.

Loud squeaking noise coming from right rear wheel every time you turn right what could be wrong its a 96 Saab 900 turbo?

I am not too familiar with this car but the only thing I can think of is Possibly a bad wheel bearing I suggest replacing it.

How much does replacing the right front wheel bearing and Rack and pinion in a 97 sebring cost?

I have a Chrysler Cirrus , and I just got my wheel front passenger side fixed... 208 dollars. I'm pissed

98 grand Cherokee brake pads rub on rotors how do you fix?

A slight drag is normal and left and right should match. If drag is more than normal or not equal from side to side, replacing the calipers should correct that.

If your whining bearing sound stops when you turn your wheel right what does this mean?

r/f wheel bearing. the weight shifts to the left tire when you turn right so if the noise stops its the r/f wheel bearing.

How we can change our bearing?

To change your bearing, you need to turn left, right or make an about turn in the given vessel that you are travelling in.

What causes a grinding noise when only turning right in a 2003 dodge 1500?

More than likely you have a defective left front wheel bearing. Inspect the bearing and also inspect the bearing on the right front. Inspect your brake pads if this is not the problem.

How can you tell if Odyssey front wheel bearings are bad How do you replace odyssey front wheel bearings?

If a bearing is bad, You will hear a whining noise from the bad bearing. Try to listen if it is up front or back. The noise will get louder as you go faster. Turn left and right to determine what side the bad bearing is on. If you turn left and the noise gets louder, the right bearing is bad, turn right and the noise gets louder, the left bearing is bad.

Why is your truck humming when i turn right doing about 35 mph?

right side wheel bearing

What size socket do you use to replace a wheel bearing on a 2006 cobalt?

you do not use a socket you use a wheel bearing puller to remove it from the hub Putting a right size socket into it and hitting it with a hammer can pop the bearing out, but it can also damage it so its advised to get the right tools. size 30 mm for the wheel nut and the bearing puller

Moaning noise in the front right wheel on a 2003 gmc sierra 4x4 Could the wheel bearing be going bad or an axle bearing?

It is most likely the Wheel Bearing that is going bad.

When driving grinding sound goes away when turning to the right?

Bad right front wheel bearing.

You hear a whining noise coming from the rear axle of your 1990 dodge B250 van does that mean it needs gear oil?

check axle bearings and if bearing is bad, do not install a quick repair kit that installs another bearing in a off set position then original spot, they will only work for a temporay time and the time frame is usaully not long, then work has to redone a the right way by replacing either the axle and/or bearing, been there and paid twice for the same repair.

Right hand pages of a book bearing odd numbers?


Why does my car Humming but not when turning right?

you have a wheel bearing going out my friend,

What would cause Toyota celica front left wheel makes knocking noise kind of like dripping noise even more so when turning right?

Could be a bad CV joint or bad wheel bearing C.V. Joints need replacing

How do you replace a front wheel bearing on Toyota Previa?

the bearing is one non-dissasemblable unit, it has to be pressed out and in. best done by someone who has the right tools.

How do you tell if a front wheel bearing is worn?

a humming sound usually heard on cornering, if heard when going left, its the right bearing and vice versa

95 Mazda millenia location of right wheel bearing?

you're kidding, right? this is a trick question, right? THE RIGHT WHEEL Do I win a Prize for this one ?

What would cause a 1985 Ford Tempo to make a loud hollow hum from the right front while driving?

Bad wheel bearing, or more than likely a tire with a defect.AnswerIt's normal for a Tempo to hum.

How do you replace a right rear wheel bearing on a Toyota Highlander?

not easily or quietly