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You have two problems one you've replaced everthing it need to have heat but after it runs a few minutes you get cool air and the other one you need know where the fuel pump cutoff switch is located t?


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November 16, 2005 3:47PM

When you say you've replaced everything you need to have heat, does that mean the engine thermostat? What you're descibing sounds a lot like a faulty engine thermostat. It could also be a collapsed or blocked hose between the engine and the heater core or possibly a blocked heater core. If there is quite a bit of foreign debris in the line that has blocked the heater core you might not be getting enough flow to keep the heater core warm. Try back-flushing the heater core. Remove both hoses, turn the heater to high (you might have to have the engine running if the heater controls run on the engine vacuum) and use the garden hose to make sure that you get good flow through the heater core. Don't allow more than about 15 psi through the heater core since much greater pressure can cause damage. As for fuel pump cutof switches, most are in the trunk either clearly marked on one side or the other or behind one of the side covers. If it isn't clearly marked, you may need to refer to the owners manual or contact a dealer.