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You have violet paint what color must you add to make it a dark red?

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I'm sorry, it can not be done... Tintable paints come in several tint bases, the paler the colour the more white pigment is in the original tint base. Violet is a pale colour and therefore will have been mixed in a pastel tint base containing a large amount of white pigment. Dark red needs to be mixed in a dark of red base, depending on how dark you want it. No amount of red colourant will bring violet to the range of colour you desire.

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What color does violet and black make?

Dark violet/Indigo (Dark blue-purple).

What color does purple and violet make?

dark, dark purple

What color does magenta and black make?

Dark magenta (Dark red-violet).

Does white paint make violet color lighter?

maybe you should try it yourself.

If you have a can of purple paint and don't want purple how can you make another color with that paint?

add a lot of white paint and you will have a lovely pale violet

What colors with violet make dark blue?

you cant make dark blue enless you have blue because it is a primary color you can not mix any color to get a primary color to get dark blu use blue and a little bit of black

How do you make the color magenta with paint?

To make the color magenta with paint you must mix dark red and a little light blue adjust the ratio of the colors to get what you are looking for.

What color make violet?

combine red and blue to make it violet

What colors combine to make violet?

how to combine color to make it violet

What color does red and violet make together?

Well, when we mix Red and Violet color it makes Pink color. Red + Violet = Red Violet or Pink

How do you make tan out of white and dark brown paint?

To make tan out of white and dark brown paint, add the white paint to the brown. Add the white slowly stirring the paint well. Keep adding the white until you get the tan color that you want.

What color does blue light blue and purple make when mixed together?

it makes a lightish violet

What paint colors are mixed to make black color paint?

when you see the color black, think of ROY G BIV- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Indigo, Violet

How do you make your dark hair blonde with out using bleach or dye?

paint it with yellow or pale paint from home depots and color it with crayons

How do you make the color violet?

To make the color violet, mix equal amounts of the primary colors red and blue.

What two colours make dark violet?

Dark blue and dark red

How do you make your clothes glow-in-the-dark?

To make your clothes glow in the dark permanently, you can paint your clothes with glow in the dark paint they sell at stores. Paint everywhere that you want to glow.

How do you make aqua paint?

You can mix a light blue, a dark blue, and a light green color to make a aqua colored paint. It makes a very nice blue green color that is perfect for a aquatic painting. :)

How do you make red violet?

The color red can be changed to violet by adding the color blue. Red and blue are both primary colors, a violet is a secondary color.

What color will you mix if you want to have Violet?

Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.Red and blue will make violet.

Will red paint mixed with brown paint make dark red?

no it will make dark brown depending on the quantity

What colors are used to make violet blue?

Pink and a dark dark Blue

How do you make dark green color?

add a small amount of black paint to the green paint (if it is paint or liquid of some sort) and mix it well. you can vary the darkness by adding more black paint.

How do you make violet with acrylic paint?

You can make the best violet with magenta and ultramarine blue. If you don't have magenta, try red and blue.

What is a purplish gray color?

I'm sure it would only make it darker. So you can call it dark purple, purple, violet... etc.

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