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There is a sensor usually telling you when the fuel tank pressure is not what it should be. This is another reason to turn the car off while fueling. When the car is running and when you take the gas cap off it will throw a loss of fuel pressure code. This needs to cleared with code scanner tool. Make sure the gas cap is back on. Twist until it clicks. I have had to clear this for my mom's expedition several times. Got to love mom.

2007-03-14 18:38:32
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Q: You have windstar ford 1999 and you've got an alarmlight in your panel after you filled out your gas while engine is running where i can reset this alarm?
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Will your 98 ford windstar start if it has a blown head gasket?

Probably, unless a cylinder has filled with engine coolant. In any case it is not a good idea to run an engine in that condition, if coolant mixes with the motor oil you can expect more damage to the engine.

Over filled your oil?

Remove the drain plug under the engine and remove oil until it is at the proper level. Running the engine with too much oil can cause damage.

What do happen when petrol is filled in the diesel engine?

Running gasoline in a diesel will do serious damage to the engine. You must remove all the gasoline from the tanks, & fuel lines. Purge all gasoline. If you have not starter the engine just drain the tanks.

Will a car start with a blown head gasket?

Yes, unless a cylinder has filled with coolant but, running an engine with coolant mixing with motor oil is not good.

What would cause a vehicle to not move when put into drive or reverse but the engine is still running?

hey m8 check your trans fluid as i had the same problem there was no trans fluid filled it up and away it went

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How full does the radiator of 2000 ford ranger have to be?

On a 2000 Ford Ranger : With the engine cold the radiator should be filled to the seat for the radiator cap and the engine coolant reservoir should be filled to the cold mark

How to restart a Ford 3400 tractor after running out of fuel?

Try bleeding the fuel line you probably have air in it that the engine can't use. If that doesn't work check the fuel filter you might of filled it with settlement out of the gas tank.

How many gallons of gas are in a 2002 Ford Windstar when the console light engages?

Well I just filled up my tank w/ the gas light on and it stoped at 22 gallons.

Engine oil over fill where will it leak?

If you have over filled your engine oil, it will not "leak" unless you have completely filled the engine with oil and is pouring out where you put it in. However overfilling even as much as little as 1 quart can lead to catostophic engine damage as the crankshaft will spin into the oil in the pan causing it to foam and cause oil circulation problems throughout the engine leading to overheating and engine siezing.

What to do if I over filled car with engine oil?

Drain it out and put the correct amount in

What would cause 2001 Tacoma power steering pump to knock?

If its like a repeater rifle going off, it often happens when the reservoir is filled with the engine running or the fluid level is very low; air gets into the pump and rack. Check fluid level then with the engine running turn wheels fully left, hold, then fully right and hold. Go for a drive hopefully the noise has stopped.

What could be the problem causing my Chevy Blazer to smoke?

It could be a # of things; Piston rings,Valve seals,Oil returns stoped up, Leaking intake manifold, Over filled with oil. To much fuel,engine running rich. What color is the smoke ?? What year and engine size, This would help me answer The question.

What will happen when gasoline is filled in diesel engine?

You will destroy a diesel engine if you run gasoline in it. Do not even start the engine. You will have to drain the fuel tank, and all fuel lines.

What is a cloud chamber?

Is a tube filled with a low-pressure gas with a charged wire running through its center.

Why does the power steering fluid overflow the reservior when engine is running on a 1999 acura 3.2tl?

If it was low recently and you filled it, it could be air in the system. The overflow can also result when pressure in the tank is too high. This is often the result of a faulty power steering pump.

How do you Change Volvo oil filled 940 engine mount?

To change Volvo oil filled 940 engine mount, push a container under the oil drain plug. Unscrew drain unplug and remove the cap from the oil filler hole at the top of the engine. Unscrew oil filter to drain. Then change oil.

Why the oil filled capacitor is used in permanent split capacitor motor?

An oil filled capacitor is used in (PSC) motor because the capacitor is in the circuit the whole time the machine is running. The capacitor is oil filled to cool it due to being in circuit the whole time

Filled up gas following day truck engine running rough (missing). Released valve(for water) and lots of water. Truck sounds terrible during idle. Besides changing fuel filter what additive should i add.diesel truck repair?

'04 dodge diesel 2500 cummins. Filled up gas, following day truck engine running rough (missing). Released valve(for water) and lots of water. Truck sounds terrible during idle. Besides changing fuel filter, what additive should i add. The First problem is you filled your DIESEL UP WITH GAS The next problem is getting all that GAS out of you Fuel System and Diesel Tank sounds like blown head gasket

How many quarts transmission fluid for a 1992 Honda Accord?

2.5-3 quarts. After the last fill, use the dipstick to verify it's properly filled. Honda (unlike everyone else) wants you to check the transmission dipstick with the engine warmed up but NOT running.

Why do you get a stong smell of gas when you start and idle your 2002 windstar in the morning It was worse the morning after you filled the tank?

This is a potentially serious problem. It could be a fuel leak either in your fuel line or your EGR system. That is the worst scenario. The second could be you over filled your tank and it forced fuel up the return lines from your engine. If that is the case you will just have to live with it for a bit. When the gas pump shuts off that is when you stop filling the tank. Much more and you put too much fuel in the tank.

Why does your car smell like oil?

Someone could of thrown oil on it other wise your oil is filled up above the fill line and oil is running it parts of your engine it shouldn't check your spark plugs is the easiest way to tell if your oil is over the fill line

Why do you smell oil inside your car after you filled your car full of oil?

You probably spilled some oil on or near the engine, making it burn when the engine heats up.

Why does the ac blow warm at idle?

You need to check and see if the radiator is full. Do it when it is cold. If not, then fill it to the top and install the cap. Then be sure the coolant recovery tank is half filled. Start the engine and let it reach operating temperature. The cooling fans should come on. If not you will need to get it repaired. When the air conditioner is on the engine cooling fan should also be running. If not then get it repaired.

How much engine oil needed for 1.8 ford fiesta diesel?

5 liters with oil filter filled