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it's probably a vacum leak, you can check by using a spray bottle with water to spray the lines around it if it bubles you got a leak.

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Q: You hear a whislting noise from around the alternator at idle and seems to go away with acceleration What might it be?
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Battery light goes on on acceleration?

CHANGE YOUR VOLTAGE REGULATOR DRIVE SAFE It might also be a good idea to go get your alternator checked. Autozone/Advance Auto do it for free.

How much to replace the alternator on a 2002 Isuzu Axiom?

Alternator number is 2-90276-830-2 and MSRP is $505.24. So retail might be around $590.00.

What does alternator belt look like on pulleys?

The way the alternator belt raps around pulleys in the automobile differs by vehicle and engine. An alternator belt in an older vehicle usually just went around the fan blade, the water pump, and the alternator. Today's vehicles are more complicated and might require more pulleys.

Why does the alternator make a clicking sound from the front of a 2000 Ford Explorer?

The bearings might be bad in the alternator.

Effect of acceleration due to gravity?

Acceleration simply refers to the rate of change of a velocity. You might say that the effect of an acceleration - any acceleration - is therefore a change of velocity.

Why is Chevrolet Cavalier not charging?

alternator needs to be replaced. battery also might be a problem due to the alternator not charging it

Why does the battery light stay on even after the alternator has replaced?

Find a volt meter, check the battery voltage with the engine stopped, it should be a around 12 V. Now start the engine and the voltage should be around 13.5 V. If the alternator isn't putting out about 13.5 (+/- .5 V) the replacment alternator could be bad or you might have a bad connection somewhere.

What does an isolated ground mean on a 12 volt alternator?

This might mean the ground is isolated from the case of the alternator. In a normal application, the case of the alternator is the ground connection and being bolted to the engine block via a metal bracket, the grounded case of the alternator is electrically connected to the ground lead of the battery which is also connected to the engine block. An isolated ground might indicate the alternator ground is electrically insulated from the alternator case.

How might you experience a change of acceleration in a car?

car's movement

Why is Alternator making a winding noise?

Could be you have a bad belt or belt is loose.. Also it might be possible that the bushings are worn out of the alternator

What is another name for acceleration?

In general, slowing down is negative acceleration. Some might call it deceleration. Braking a car or bike is a simple example of negative acceleration.

Why is the battery light on in my 93 Crown Victoria It has a new battery and a new alternator.?

Since you replaced the battery and alternator, you must have had a problem before. Did you run a voltmeter on the battery while the engine is running? Should have around 14 volts. If you are getting around 14 volts, you can assume that the lite might be faulty. If you are getting say, 12 to 13 volts, then the alternator might be faulty, yes even sometimes rebuilt ones. Check all the wires to make sure there is good contact, also if you still have the problem, then you might have a broken wire ( somewhere ). Good luck

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