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Check to make sure all wires are connected. If they are, the factory monsoon amp needs to be bypassed. i'm not familiar with the monsoon system, but it's probably a load imbalance or the polk's impedance are outside of the amps range. if you spent good money on those coax's... get a quality amp for them. i don't know... i don't really trust factory equipment to run higher-end speakers. if you are looking for better sound reproduction or control over freqs/x-overs/timing/etc... then the first thing you should have got was a deck with front/rear/sub rca outs. amps are only good for reproducing the signal that it gets from the deck. a good deck would get you started with a clean signal. my 10cents. audiophile here. heh.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-28 12:38:55
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Q: You installed new polkmomo rear coaxial speakers and you have the monsoon system and the subs stopped working after you installed the new speakers why would they stop working?
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Can you put in component speakers with the stock wiring in a 1999 camaro?

I do not know about the standard system but if you have the optional Monsoon system, the front speakers are already 2-way component and the back speakers are component 6.5 subs.

What are the speaker sizes in a 2006 Pontiac g6 monsoon 8spkrstereo?

Front speakers are 6.5 rear are 6X9.

How much do Monsoon speakers cost?

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What size of speakers are in a 1997 firebird?

6.5" 2 ohm in the doors, plus 1 inch 4ohm tweeter if you have monsoon 6.5" dual 4 ohm voice coil subwoofer in the sail panel. (highly recommend Elemental Designs) 4x6" round 4 ohm speaker + 1" tweeter if you have monsoon. There are no 2ohm voice speakers that I know of, so your sound output will be slightly lower with aftermarket speakers. If you dont have Monsoon, then you have 6.5" 4 ohm speakers, standard replacements apply.

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Depending on if you have the Monsoon sound system or not, it may differ. If you don't have Monsoon: Front Doors: 6 1/2" & 1" Tweeters Rear Deck: 6 x 9 I'm not sure what is in a Monsoon system, I do not have one, but I hear that it has 8 speakers throughout the car.

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The factory installed Monsoon system does not have one. but you can replace it with on that does.

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The size for your vehicle is 4"x6" Front Door Speakers and 6"x9" in both Sedan and Coupe with 4 or 6 speaker systems and Monsoon Systems.

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