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This discharge may be ovulation discharge, break through ovulation discharge, vaginal discharge from coming off the shot, normal vaginal discharge, yeast infection discharge, approaching period discharge or pregnancy discharge. There are many causes for vaginal discharge in women hun.

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Q: You just came off depo a month and a half ago. What is the white sticky discharge that you see when you wipe after you urinate?
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What is that sticky white stuff?

well, because this topic is menstruation, that "sticky white stuff" is vaginal discharge

What is white and brown discharge?

White and brown discharge means that you are about to have a period in a couple of days.It's sticky and horrid,but nothing to worry about.

When your about to start your period dose your discharge get lighter?

Your discharge gets heavier and more sticky.

You woke up with white sticky stuff on your face what is this?

This 'white sticky stuff' must not be the discharge leading to menstruation, Unless you have touched that area, then your face. That white stuff could be flem, or grinding your teeth. If it is menstruation discharge, it is perfectly normal, and happens to everyone. It is a sign of puberty, heading towards menstruation. Hope I helped you.

What about white discharge during 8th month?

See Ur doc.

Is this normal to have white discharge during 8th month of pregnancy?


What is the white sticky stuff that comes out of your vagina before you start your period?

that is discharge which means ur periods coming soon.

why is his pee white and sticky?


What does white sticky vaginal discharge mean?

It would mean your healthy, unless it smells really horrible, then you should go to your gynecologist.

3 weeks 2 days sore tender breast and milky discharge from left breast mild cramping could I be pregnant?

yes you could. im pregnant as we speak and before i foumd out i was, my breasts were sore i had a sticky white discharge comming out of my breasts and cramping. i waited a month and the test came out positive.

You last had intercourse on 24th october your last period started on 14th october im sure you ovulated on the 3rd of this month as you had white sticky discharge could you be pregnant?

i really hope so because i am more or less the same cycle as you and i am just starting to grt white discharge an i am hopeing i am.plz post ir u r or not.x leah86 x

What are the signs of a woman's first period?

Going up a bra size could be a sign for some women. Another sign could be getting discharge from the vagina. (Discharge is the white sticky stuff).

What is the white stuff that comes out of vaginas?

Its called discharge. Every month, a girl has a menstrual cycle and this discharge often happens when you have your period. Its completely normal.

Sticky with yellow discharge and sometimes white?

Possibly gonorrhea. Gonorrhea tends to have yellow and white discharge. If it smells especially bad, go see a doctor. If you are recovering from a surgery, you could possibly have puss leakage, which is natural. If it is coming from a cut, see a doctor.

Is it normal to get a sticky discharge?

yes weather you have a period or not you might notice a white or clear discharge in your underpants it has very little oder.If it's green or has a strong smells see you Doctor immediately you might have an infection.

How do you know if you are having discharge?

It is a white somewhat sticky substance that comes out of your vagina. And sticks to the underwear. If that's what you are getting you can be rest assured it's harmless

why is Logans pee white and sticky?

cuz he is gay

What if you have a white discharge?

White discharge is normal. No need to worry.

What causes you to have a clear discharge with a menstrual cycle?

if it's sticky and clear (egg white consistency) then you are most likely ovulating around this time during your cycle..

White thick sticky vaginal discharge does this mean you could be pregnant?

No, it means you are getting ready to ovulate. If you have sex during the time this type of discharge is present, you can become pregnant. Actually, the thick, sticky vaginal discharge you are talking about actually is an indicator that you are a few days from having your period, it is the discharge that usually takes place after ovulation. you can not get pregnant during this time with a normal cycle, you could, however possibly be in the early stages of pregnancy, for this discharge is very common into early pregnancy, and throughout most of it.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if white stuff comes out when you go to the restroom?

No that is not a pregnancy symtom. Girls also get that when they are not pregnant. That white stuff that's coming out when you urinate is calles discharge. Its perfectly normal in girls. It doesn't mean your pregnant.

Does a stretchy white and clear vaginal discharge mean you are pregnant?

No, not necessarily. This is the exact description of normal cervical fluid that comes every month during ovulation. However, white, clear vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy.

What is the symptom of white sticky discharge from eyes?

Eye discharge is a whitish , sticky, crusty, substance that can sometimes make your eyes feel like they have been glued shut. It can be temporary-such as when you wake up in the morning-or persistent, in which case medical attention should be considered. Usually eye discharge is a harmless part of your body's natural defense system, but some cases are serious. Eye discharge can be present in both children and adults, and it affects males and females equally.

What are some signs your are going to start your period?

Whenever I'm about to start, I get white discharge that's very sticky and also my breasts feel a little bit tender

You are almost 17 not sexually active but you seem to have alot of vaginal discharge it is white and is stretchy and sticky it has a odor is this normal it seems to be everyday?

yes it is a form of puberty or it is an infection