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You just came off depo a month and a half ago. What is the white sticky discharge that you see when you wipe after you urinate?


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2006-06-30 21:08:44
2006-06-30 21:08:44

This discharge may be ovulation discharge, break through ovulation discharge, vaginal discharge from coming off the shot, normal vaginal discharge, yeast infection discharge, approaching period discharge or pregnancy discharge. There are many causes for vaginal discharge in women hun.


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well, because this topic is menstruation, that "sticky white stuff" is vaginal discharge

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White and brown discharge means that you are about to have a period in a couple of days.It's sticky and horrid,but nothing to worry about.

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my discharge is yellowish white does that mean something

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This 'white sticky stuff' must not be the discharge leading to menstruation, Unless you have touched that area, then your face. That white stuff could be flem, or grinding your teeth. If it is menstruation discharge, it is perfectly normal, and happens to everyone. It is a sign of puberty, heading towards menstruation. Hope I helped you.

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