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you deserve a kick in the stomach, idiot

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What are the chances of getting pregnant from unprotected sex but he pulled out right before he ejaculated?

"Pulling out" does not work - you had unprotected sex, period. There is semen in any fluid which leaks out of the penis, even without ejaculation.

Can you be pregnant if your period is 2 weeks away unprotected no birth control even if he pulled out before he came more than once during sex?

the pulling out method works pretty well but there is always a possibility that you are pregnant if you have had unprotected sex, even with birth control there is a %2 chance that you could get pregnant. all you need to get pregnant is sperm and a fertile egg.

If you missed your last period and your next one is due today and has not come yet and you havent had unprotected sex only kind of once and your partner pulled out before cuming cld u be pregnant?

yes...pre ejaculation. It doesnt matter if he pulled out.

Could you be pregnant if you and your boyfriend had unprotected sex the day after your period ended and he pulled out and ejaculated no where near you?

No you couldn't to get pregnant the boy would have to have ejaculated in you for you to be pregnant. but just because you have sex right after your period doesn't mean you cant get pregnant sperm stays in your body for 5 days after a boy ejaculates inside you so you should still use a condom

You had unprotected sex but he was not all the way inside you i had to pee after a few minutes then he pulled out is there a chance you can get pregnant?

short answer - YES

On the pill on antibiotics period and pulled out can I be pregnant?

you should be safe if he pulled out. you will find out soon enough if not though

You and your b-f had unprotected sexhe pulled it out before he ejaculated you were 12 days late for your period but you got it for 4 dayscan you still be pregnantt HELP PLEASE?

As long as you got your period, then you're not pregnant. To be sure, take a home pregnancy test.

You are pregnant and you used a condom and pulled outcould you be pregnant with this person?

Was there someone else you had unprotected sex with? If so, then that's the likely father. But you could be, it just isn't likely.

Can your period cause you get pregnant if your partner did not sperm in you?

If your partner did not touch your body with his erect penis in any way, you can not get pregnant. But if he was inside you and pulled out to come, then yes, you could be pregnant.

What are chances signs that your pregnanct if he wore a condom and pulled out?

There is always a slim chance that you can be pregnant even if he wore a condom and pulled out. The signs will be a missed period and tender breasts.

Are you pregnant if you had protected sex and your period is late but your boyfriend pulled out before he ejaculated?

Take a test your period might be late because of diet,age,stress and also irregular periods. I don't think your pregnant though

You should have gotten your shot on march 10th and didnt get it till the 21st you had gotten your period you think five to seven days before the shot and then had sex on the 2829he pulled out but can?

Any unprotected sexual contact can result in pregnancy or the transmission of many STDs so there is a possibility that you are pregnant if you miss your period or still suspect that you are pregnant take an at home test or go consult your doctor so they can rule out pregnancy or tell you that you are pregnant and you can deal with it from there hope everything works out for the best Good Luck and God Bless!!!

Accidentally forgot to pull out?

If you had unprotected sex, whether you pulled out or not, there is a chance that your partner could be pregnant. Ejaculating inside the vagina greatly increases this chance. In this case, your partner should seek medical advice for options from this point. Emergency contraception is available up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the guy pulled out but it is ovulation time?

AnswerThe chances of getting pregnant are very high whenever there has been unprotected sex. The chances greatly increase during ovulation time even if the guy the pulled out. A man will pre-ejaculte or precum which is something they do not even feel or have control over and that is where the strongest sperm are swimming.especially if he came more then once

If the guy came and pulled out twice can you get pregnant if you started your period a week later?

no not all the time because it can sometimes mean your cycle is changing

What are your chances of being pregnant if your partner was inside with nothing and he barely pulled out and right then seme came out But u think that some semen might have came out before he pulled o?

Theres always a chance of being pregnant if your not using protection..... But the more important question is whether or not your in the ovulation period of your menstrual cycle. This is the highest point that you can get pregnant.

If you are on birth control and your boyfriend pulled out but you are over a week late for your period and don't have many pregnancy signs what are the chances of being pregnant?

I would take a test

You pulled out and used a condom how risky is it should you be worried she is pregnant?

Probably not.........then again weirder things have happened and she will need to seek the advice of a doctor if she misses her period.

How likely is it to be pregnant if its the first night of you're period and he pulled out?

The pullout method is the most unreliable method of birth control. Pregnancy is always a possibility - be protected.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend pulled out and you missed your pill for 2 days and have most of the symptoms but started your period but it's not normal but light and there are some blood clots?

Yes you can be pregnant.Some people, all though rare, still have their periods even though they're pregnant. Even though he pulled out, there is pre-cum, which CAN still get you pregnant. So go take a test just in case.

What does it mean if you have had unprotexted sex but they have pulled out and then you missed your period and then like 4-5 days later you have brownish mucus type stuff coming out when you wipe?

if your pregnant and you take birthcontrol. and you miss a pill will you start your period?? and is it true if the guy doesnt pull out but you clean it right after you wont be pregnant?

What happens when the diaphragm is pulled down?

The woman is more likely to become pregnant when the diaphragm is pulled down

Can you become pregnant 5 days after your period ended if he pulled out?

Yes, because even before he pulled out, he could have released some sperm in his pre-ejaculate. The pullout method is NOT a reliable form of contraception, it would be a good idea to find a more reliable method. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

What are the chances of getting pregnant when your on your PERIOD and the guy pulled out before he anything else could happen but he didn't even ejaculate?

It is possible. The pull out method is not reliable. This is because pre-ejaculate is released before ejaculation, and this contains sperm. Some women ovulate during their period, and if you do you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

Me and my gf had unprotected sex. i pulled out and ejaculated bout 10-15 seconds later. she still has her heimen and a cyst on her ovary. she also took plan B 30 mins after. should i be worried?

Yes, but she is not pregnant