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You just had your period two weeks ago and Im bleeding now and your bleeding started light and the next day its a little heavier Im a having a miscarriage?


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August 07, 2008 2:13PM

You were never pregnant if you had your period two weeks ago. You next period decided to show up early. This is pretty normal, but if you are uncomfortable about it, you should see your doctor.

I disagree with this. When I was pregnant I had one normal period after I was pregnant. It wasn't a bad one and it wasn't extra light either. Then I miscarried in my 12th week. I spotted for several days, then quit, then spotted, then I had to go to the doctor again because I wasn't bleeding enough and they prescribed me something to start bleeding. I probably should have had a d&c. Doctor didn't tell me I needed one. Now my periods are all messed up. My second miscarriage I never showed I was pregnant on home preg test. But blood test showed I was and was misscarrying. You should have this checked out.