You just installed six 6-volt Energizer golf cart batteries. The cart runs but you cannot recharge the batteries. Where did you go wrong?

You mean Where Did YOU Go Wrong?? Those batts are garbage and will only last 2 years tops... anyhow, check your connections : Starting at #1 battery under passenger butt (Club Car): + to - to + to - to + etc etc. Many screw ups in placement and battery cables when replacing a complete battery pack.

If you have a Club Car be sure the NEGATIVE batt cable on the #6 battery (the last in the chain, under the driver's butt) goes off and THROUGH the hole in the OBC to the solenoid. If you went around the OBC, it won't ever charge as the charger won't see a cart plugged into it. If an EZGO, check the REED SWITCH in the charger receptacle. Try buying Trojans next time for longer life 3-5 years if treated right.