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There is a good chance this file is either a computer virus or spyware/adware. Of these, spyware/adware is least harmful, but can slow down your PC. You can use a combination of antivirus and spyware/adware removal tools to remove it. The following are a few suggestions. Antivirus programs: McAffee Antivirus; Symantec Antivirus; AVG Antivirus (free download for home use) Spyware/Adware Removal programs: Lavasoft Adaware SE (free download); Spybot Search & Destroy (free download)

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Five files stored in the C:\Windows\System32\config folder; these files are called hives and they are named the SAM (Security Accounts Manager), Security, Software, System, and Default hives.

The system32 virus...It screws up Windows operating system and randomly deletes important imformation (files) on your computer.... How to get rid of it:Go to computer,C: Drive and then go to a folder named system32.Wait for all the files to appear...Press Crtl + A + Delete on your keyboard...Success!You have gotten rid of the system32 virus

That would be the "Program Files" folder. It is usually on C: drive. With a 64 bit system you will have a "Program Files" folder, and a "(x86) Program files" folder. The program itself will usually be in a separate folder in the "Program file" folder. It will either have the name of the program or the name of the program Company. If the folder is named after the company then the program will be in a separate folder inside the company folder.

Depending upon the Windows version, the folder used for cache files is different. For Windows 8, the most up-to-date version of Windows at present, the folder is named "INetCache."

You can make new folder named mp3.Then you can place your song files of extension .mp3 .The folder is required to be made in the folder of the game.

Those files belong to Pagis Program, owned now by Nuance; and I am not sure but I believe they are part of the Indexing engine for The Inbox folder, Inbox folder is the folder where scanned documents and/or images are saved by default, and when any of the xfinfo, xocache files are deleted they will reproduce themselves, I notice when those files where deleted the searching engine does not work properly, and in some instances after feletion of the xfinfo file; pictures or files got be careful when messing with them.

You cannot view DLL files under normal circumstances. These are regarded as critical system files and the operating system will keep these hidden from view. If you wish to view the files anyway, do the following:Open up My Computer.Click on Tools in the top menu bar.Click on Folder Options.In the window that opens, click on the tab named View.Scroll down the list till you come to the option "Show hidden files and folders". Click on this option to select it. The option just above this option (Do not show hidden files and folders) will become deselected automatically. Relax, it is normal.Uncheck the box below these options which says "Hide file extensions for known file types". This will display the extensions of all files in your PC, allowing you to easily identify the DLL files.Click on Apply, and then on OK.Now navigate to the drive partition where Windows is installed.Open the Windows folder. Inside it you will find a folder named System32.Open the System32 folder. You will be able to see all DLL files of your Windows OS.If you cannot spot the DLL files at first sight, right click on an empty space inside the System32 folder. A small menu will pop up. Select the option "Arrange Icons By", and then click on the option "Type".Now Windows will arrange the DLL files in the folder side by side, allowing you to view those more comfortably.You are free to view the DLL files as much as you want. It will not harm your PC in any way. You can also open the DLLs using a text editor like Notepad. However, do not attempt to modify any DLL file, unless you know what you are doing. Modifying DLL files may corrupt the files, rendering Windows inoperative.

You need to make a new folder named as mp3 in the folder that is having your game.Then you can paste the mp3 files in that folder to run a mp3 player in the radio.

Files may be a document or an image and they must be saved in a folder that you can create clicking on New Folder on Windows Explorer. Now you can drag it onto the folder that you have just created after named it.

download one of these files then go to its folder it should be named swords and sandals and there is the fridge.fiz file

* go to control panel.* open folder option (if you don't see folder option you can type folder option at the search box. * Click on view tab. *select show hidden files and folders.* then uncheck two options below show hidden files and folders named* hide extensions for known file types. * hide protected operating system files (recommended).You need to use file recovery softwares for that. There are lots of software on the web.

On your hard disk, in application files, there is a folder named free download manager. There must be an applicacion named 'uninstall;' click it and follow the directions.

Goto your start menu you will find a folder for bearshare under all programs. The uninstall should be there. If not goto computer then your c: drive in the folder program files the folder for bearshare there will have uninstall it's named "UNWISE' click on that and follow the promps.

Put your card in a card reader and plug it into the pc, then oper your card with winrar. you will see a folder named as "temp". that folder contains all tec files, just delete that folder and you will get rid of them for a little time.

If you mean an sub menu on the start menu on Windows then you will need to right click on the start button and click 'Open'. A new Windows Explorer window will open, there should be a folder named 'Programs' or 'All Programs' open this and then create a new folder. You can now put shortcuts and files in this folder and they will appear on the start menu. The sub menu will be named after what you call the folder you have created.

all you have to do is go to the folder named (Documents and setting) look for a folder named (all users) then go to the folder (applications data) then locate the Kodak folder and delete it .

On Frostwire, hit tools and go to filters. On the left hit sharing, you should be where on the right there's a tab that says 'add...' hit it. Find where there are folders named 'incomplete files' and 'saved'. Hit add folder. If it shows your downloads, go up a folder.

On you main hard drive, most likely C Drive, you should start looking for a folder named "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" or "Microsoft Flight Simulator X Files", something of the like. Then, you will find all of the files, for every detail of the game; aircraft, ground equipment, etc. *************************************************************** If you want to install aircraft mods that you have downloaded, follow these instructions: For previously downloaded files of airplanes, you must save them to a folder that you can locate, >C/Flight Simulator X/Airplane mods< for an example. You must then have main folder open, where all of the data for FSX is stored. (Every program makes its' own folder and puts all its' downloaded content there to access it later). There should be a folder inside called >Aircraft< or something of the like. In here, you should find all the aircraft in the game. Now, open your other folder with the downloaded files in it. Select the files you want to copy over, and drag them into the folder. They should appear in the folder. Now, when you next boot the game, the planes should show up in the menu choices. If not, the files could be corrupt or not all there. Hope this helps someone, of not you!

The Output folder holds a folder named for each output format. For instance, if the output generated is HTML Help, the folder inside the Output folder is called "Microsoft HTML Help 1.x." This folder, in turn, holds a folder named for the project itself.Hope this helps, if you do have questions email

open the "templates" directory in your Joomla installation. Then create a sub folder in it named "tutorial_template". All the files of your template will reside in it. Inside your new directory, create a file called index.php, and another named templates details.xml. Then create a folder named css and in it. well..!!if you are beginner i would suggest you to go for ready made joomla template

You can make a new folder named mp3 in the parent folder of game.Then you can paste your songs files of mp3 extension in that.The mp3 player of the car in the game will then initialize and it can be played using the radio keys only.

You should begin with a default Star Craft folder named "maps". the simplest way to create a new folder is to open StarEdit, click open, then right click anywhere on blank space, select "New Folder", then name it, and your done. now drag, cut and paste the folder where you want to put it. The other way to do it is to go to "My Computer" or "Desktop" or etc. if it is in the default location, then go to drive C in My Computer. Then open "Program Files" and look for the folder named "starcraft". Then go into "maps" and right click, and name and etc.

Click the folder about 3 or 4 times and edit the name.

You just have to add a folder named "Games" on the root folder then download .nds files which are the ds games. You put the nds files in your "Games" folder. A very popular nds ROM site: To play the game on your R4, you just have to navigate to the "Games" folder and click your nds file, also when playing your first time, it will ask you to create a SAV file (a file that saves your process, stores data, don't worry, it is only 512 kb). Have fun!

Some antivirus programs have a folder which may be named something like "virus vault", "virus chest", "quarantine", etc. These folders are special folders that the program sets so files inside them cannot run or access other files. The point behind these folders is that by moving viruses and other malicious files into them, they can't run and can't harm your system. Usually, it's a good idea to delete the files in this folder using your antivirus if they can't be disinfected.

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